CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç met with students with disabilities from different universities representing individuals with disabilities in Turkish higher education institutions for the occasion of United Nations' International Day of Persons...

CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç paid a visit to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, to hold official talks. Prof. Mehmet Şişman, CoHE Executive Board member and President of CoHE Education Commission, accompanied President Saraç during the visit...

As the Council of Higher Education, we have realized a series of projects by prioritizing growth and development aimed at quality and by being aware of the importance of high-quality knowledge and human resources for our country to reach its development..

As is known, the “New CoHE” has introduced diversification in the Turkish higher education system. The process of diversification has been carried out in two groups: Research/Substitute Research Universities and Universities Specializing in Regional Devel

CoHE President Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç met with Bold Ravdan, Ambassador of Mongolia to Ankara, at CoHE. They exchanged views on the...

CoHE, with the motto “Digitalized CoHE,” has recently realized many online projects in higher education. It has introduced services such as Online Recognition and Equivalence Application, YOK Atlas, YOK Academic, University E-Registration, Student Certifi

In addition to determining the university entrance system, CoHE also continues to carry out studies that will guide applicants through their university selection period. In this scope, CoHE President Prof. Yekta Saraç launched the Higher Education Program

The Council of Higher Education continues to carry out intensive and integrated works to train the individuals of the 21st century in line with the global planners of higher education, politicians, and leaders of the business world. The Council also keep

​The number of associate and undergraduate degree programs that have diversified in line with the developments in higher education is2.191. The increase in the number of programs stems not only from different kinds of programs but also from the same progr

The Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sports signed a cooperation protocol to improve the educational, social, cultural, volunteer and sports activities of higher education students, to fight against addiction, and to strengthen th

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