The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) was established with the Law No. 2547 dated 6 November 1981. With this law, it has commenced in a restructuring process of academic, institutional and administrative aspects in higher education.
With this law, all higher education institutions in Turkey have gathered under the roof of YÖK; academies, universities, educational institutions have been transformed into the faculties of education, and conservatories and vocational higher schools (VHS) have been affiliated to universities.
YÖK became responsible for all higher education institutions as an institution that has autonomy and public identity within the framework of powers and duties given to it with the Article 130 and 131 in Constitution and the said provisions of Law.
For this reason, YÖK has focused on being mainly responsible for the strategic planning of higher education, the coordination between universities, and most importantly establishing and maintaining quality assurance mechanisms.