April 1​8, 2024

The following statement is deemed necessary due to baseless statements and comments in recent days that implicate the international students and higher education institutions in Türkiye:

Türkiye has emerged as one of the top 10 preferred countries globally by international students, owing to its numerous positive attributes such as educational quality, safe living environment, and multicultural living. Students from many countries around the world are enhancing their knowledge, skills, and competencies peacefully and harmoniously at Turkish universities.

In countries worldwide, prospective international students are subject to admission and enrollment procedures according to the laws of the countries they apply to. In Türkiye, these prospective students also obtain the right to education in accordance with the principles and regulations that higher education institutions are subject to. Within this framework, the application, admission, and enrollment procedures for international students do not result in any loss of rights for Turkish students.

Internationalization in higher education is one of the fundamental strategic objectives of the Council of Higher Education and Turkish universities. This objective is included in the Development Plans of the Republic of Türkiye. The international students in our country not only contribute economically but also are of great importance in terms of global connections and international relations. Approximately 95% of the international students in Türkiye continue their education through their own means and return to their home countries as voluntary ambassadors of our nation.

It should be remembered that we all carry the responsibility to avoid all kinds of unfounded words, actions, or comments that will hinder our universities from becoming centers of attraction for international student and academic mobility.