Statement on Allegations of Granting Unconditional Transfer Rights to Sudanese and Palestinian Higher Education Students:

April 7, 2024​

The allegations in some press and media outlets that the Council of Higher Education has granted Sudanese and Palestinian students the right to transfer unconditionally and without documentation is unfounded.

Similar to the situation in the Ukraine crisis, students who were unable to continue their education due to war were given the right to transfer if they were eligible, and those who were not eligible were given the opportunity to become "special students", akin to being guest students.

Türkiye is the conscience of the world. The doors of Turkish universities have always been open to guest students who cannot continue their education due to war. In this context, Sudanese and Palestinian students who cannot continue their education in their countries due to war will be able to apply to Turkish universities for transfer, provided that they fulfill the conditions. Those who do not meet the conditions will be able to continue their education at Turkish universities as guest students for a while.

It should be noted that the special student status granted to guest students who are victims of war will not lead to a loss of rights for Turkish students today or in the future.