​ Council of Higher Education to Collaborate with Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities and Turkish Maarif Foundation

April 5, 2024​ / Ankara

A cooperation protocol was signed among the Council of Higher Education (CoHE), Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) and Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMF). With the protocol, the three institutions will cooperate in education, research and development, and university fair organizations by sharing their experiences and competencies in the national and international arena.

In his speech at the protocol signing ceremony held at CoHE, CoHE President Erol Özvar stated that they were working intensively to elevate the higher education system to a more prestigious position on a global scale and said, "With this understanding, we strengthen the attributes of our higher education system, which are primarily focused on quality, competitiveness, innovation, employment, and value-added production."

Özvar noted that Türkiye placed great importance on science diplomacy in line with its role as a significant actor in regional and global affairs and that they had taken steps to enhance international collaborations:

"Today, we are joining forces with YTB and TMV, which operate on a global scale in line with the common strategic goals of our country. This alliance will bring a new dynamism to education from abroad to our country and will enable capacity building. I must emphasize that our cooperation serves as an exceptional example of coordination and harmony among our institutions working towards the same strategic goals in the field of education."

"Through the protocol, we have demonstrated a shared commitment towards mutual support of educational activities, collaboration for the dissemination of Turkish culture and language, and sharing our experience and knowledge," Özvar said and added, "The protocol will open a new window of cooperation in organizing national and international fairs that contribute significantly to the promotion of universities and in promoting Türkiye Scholarships, which are of great value in the internationalization of higher education."

-Cooperation in TR-YÖS is also part of the protocol-

He stated that CoHE had been focusing on the Turkish Foreign Student Admission Examination (TR-YÖS), making important arrangements, and emphasized that the establishment of cooperation regarding the exam was also included in the scope of the protocol.

Özvar noted that in order to attract more qualified international students to Turkish universities, they increased the number of countries where the TR-YÖS exam would be held in six languages to 52 and the number of exam centers to 78.

He said that the support provided by YTB and TMV would be extremely important in the realization and dissemination of these exams smoothly and added: "It is important to promote the opportunities offered by Türkiye in the field of higher education in a wider geography abroad and to raise awareness of international students about the socio-economic advantages that higher education in our country will provide for them."

YTB President Abdullah Eren stated that there had recently been undesirable approaches towards international students and said, "There will be more comprehensive efforts for this large group of people who come to Türkiye not only as students, but also make financial contributions to our country, and maintain their relations with Türkiye after graduation. This protocol will also contribute to this."

Prof. Birol Akgün, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TMV, pointed out the importance of managing the increasing number of international student mobility together and cooperating in this field and said, "I hope we will create a common synergy here and we will have the opportunity to manage these processes in a healthy manner. I wish it to be auspicious.

Following the speeches, the "Cooperation Protocol between the Council of Higher Education, Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities and Turkish Maarif Foundation" was signed by Erol Özvar, President of the Council of Higher Education, Abdullah Eren, President of YTB, and Prof. Birol Akgün, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TMV.