​ CoHE Provides Research Support for "Edirne Red" and "Edirne Rose"

Edirne red and Edirne rose will be introduced to the world.

CoHE President Özvar: "A research center for 'Edirne red' and 'Edirne rose' will be established at Trakya University."

February 25, 2024 / Edirne

CoHE President Erol Özvar announced that a research center on ‘Edirne red’ and ‘Edirne rose’ would be established at Trakya University (TU).

He stated that CoHE had been encouraging universities to focus more on areas where they could achieve relative efficiency and success or generate competition, and said that TU could serve Türkiye and the wider geography in niche areas, one of which is "Edirne red".

He said that some faculty members at the university had initiated studies that could be transformed into industrial products through their studies on the Edirne red plant, and added, "We wish Trakya University to take these studies to the next level."

He stated that they negotiated the establishment of a research center on Edirne red, bringing together scientists from different fields in this center.

"We want Edirne red to be introduced to the world in textile, industry, chemistry, health, cosmetics and other fields. The research center will make the studies on Edirne red much more qualified, and many more scientists will start working in this field.

One of the most important missions of universities should be to bring out the characteristics and qualities of the regions with high economic, social and technical potentials through scientific research and to transfer them into the industry and society. In this respect, Edirne red will hopefully become an important product for the national economy with the efforts of the university."

- "Edirne rose" will be introduced to the world

Özvar stated that research centers would be established on Edirne rose and Edirne red, and that the centers would make significant contributions to the country's economy with the aim of cultivating roses and turning them into industrial products.

He stated that CoHE wanted both research centers to be established this year and said, "Trakya University will submit its application to the Council of Higher Education to establish the research center. We will make sure that these proposals, which are supported by a certain budget, are realized. Therefore, Trakya University will make significant contributions to the higher education, science and technology capacity of our country by specializing in new research fields."