​CoHE President Visits Antalya

Özvar attended the 3rd Antalya Diplomacy Forum, visited Akdeniz University and held a meeting with the rectors of the universities in the region.

March 1, 2024

CoHE President Erol Özvar visited Antalya to attend the Antalya Diplomacy Forum and hold official talks. He was accompanied by CoHE Executive Board member Prof. Naci Gündoğan.

Özvar first visited Akdeniz University and received information from Rector Prof. Özlenen Özkan about the academic studies and scientific activities carried out at the university and chaired the senate meeting. He informed the academics about the perspective of the Council and listened to their opinions and suggestions.

He stated that Akdeniz University had made a significant leap in terms of academic productivity, international publications and the works produced by faculty members, and noted that the university was in a unique location in Türkiye.

"We envision Akdeniz University as a higher education hub of Türkiye that opens up to the international arena"

CoHE President Özvar pointed out that Akdeniz University was a university that provided unique opportunities and potentials due to its location and said, "We envision Akdeniz University as a higher education hub of Türkiye that opens up to the international arena,” and added, “The university has come a long way."

He stressed that CoHE attached great importance to universities becoming more visible in the international arena.

"International visibility is the first step towards internationalization. One of the most important parameters of international visibility is students and academic staff. But what is more important is the academic productivity capacity of the university, which are international publications, international collaborations and the works of our professors in this field. Akdeniz University has indeed made a significant leap in this regard. For this reason, it was included in the monitoring group of the research universities. We will continue to follow the outputs of Akdeniz University for two years."

-Antalya Diplomacy Forum-

Erol Özvar attended the opening ceremony of the 3rd Antalya Diplomacy Forum (ADF) organized under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with the participation of representatives from 147 countries.

Heads of state and government, ministers, diplomats, business people, academics and think tanks will exchange comprehensive views on the occasion of the ADF, which will take place between 1-3 March 2024 with the main theme of "Highlighting Diplomacy in Times of Crises".

-Meeting with rectors of universities in the region-

CoHE President Erol Özvar met with the rectors of the universities in the region.

The meeting was hosted by Akdeniz University and attended by Akdeniz University Rector Prof. Özlenen Özkan, ALKU Rector Prof. Kenan Ahmet Türkdoğan, Alanya University Rector Prof. Mesut Güner, Antalya Belek University Rector Prof. Mehmet Yazıcı, Antalya Bilim University Rector Prof. Semih Ekercin, Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology University Rector Prof. Mehmet Tümay, Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Rector Prof. Hüseyin Dalgar, Isparta University of Applied Sciences Rector Prof. Yılmaz Çatal, Süleyman Demirel University Rector Prof. Mehmet Saltan, Mersin University Rector Prof. Erol Yaşar, Tarsus University Rector Prof. Orhan Aydın, Toros University Rector Prof. Ömer Arıöz, Pamukkale University Rector Prof. Ahmet Kutluhan, and Iskenderun Technical University Prof. Tolga Depci.