​ CoHE President Özvar Visits Edirne for Thrace Universities Union Meeting

February 23, 2024 / Edirne

Erol Özvar visited Edirne to attend the 22nd Supreme Board Meeting of the Thracian Universities Union (TUB) and to hold official talks. He was accompanied by CoHE Executive Board Member Prof. Naci Gündoğan.

Özvar first visited Trakya University and received information from Rector Prof. Erhan Tabakoğlu about the academic activities carried out at the university. Then he visited the Health Museum at the Sultan Bayezid II Complex and visited the Karaağaç Campus.

After paying a courtesy visit to Edirne Governor Yunus Sezer, Özvar chaired the senate meeting at Trakya University.

He attended the 22nd Supreme Board Meeting of TUB held at the university. In his speech, he stated that Turkish universities had become more wellknown and visible in both national and international circles in recent years.

He stated that they wished Turkish universities to become even more recognized in a wider region, especially in the neighboring areas, and said, "We want more students, especially from the Balkans, to study in Türkiye. We have implemented the necessary measures."

"We will continue to fulfill all our duties in terms of science diplomacy"

"Turkish universities are among the leading institutions that try to fulfill science diplomacy in the best way in the Republic of Türkiye. The Council of Higher Education supports the increasing influence of science diplomacy in Turkish diplomacy in recent years. We will continue to fulfill all our duties in terms of science diplomacy in the future."

Özvar stated that CoHE cared about universities being in a friendly competition among themselves.

"We find it extremely important that our universities cooperate with each other in addition to the friendly competition among themselves. The fact that competition goes hand in hand with cooperation makes a significant contribution to the productivity of the academic activities of our universities. In this respect, working together is as important as competition. We support the unions formed by our universities in this way."

Özvar said that one of the main issues prioritized by the Council was internationalization, noting that TUB contributed significantly to this goal.

"TUB is one of the unions that serves the most to interact with other universities and academic circles outside the borders of our country. In particular, its relations with universities in the Balkans are at a remarkable level. Our universities have excellent relations with the universities of neighboring countries in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. We would like our member universities to establish closer cooperation especially with universities in this region. We encourage them to cooperate with the leading universities in this region, especially in the fields of health, informatics and engineering. We will continue to provide all kinds of administrative and institutional support for closer contacts and joint studies to increase relations with the Balkan universities in these three fields."