“Meeting on Energy Academy Program Cooperation Protocol” Held in Soma

August 5, 2022

The first meeting of the "Energy Academy Program Cooperation Protocol" signed between the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) and the Electricity Generation Corporation (EÜAŞ) with the aim of creating domestic and national resources in the energy sector was held at EÜAŞ Facilities in Soma, Manisa.

The meeting was held within the scope of the protocol signed on June 9, 2022. CoHE Deputy President Prof. Cevahir Uzkurt, CoHE Executive Board Member Prof. Ömer Açıkgöz, EÜAŞ General Manager Dr. İzzet Alagöz, vice general managers, department heads, the rectors and vice rectors of some universities and faculty members from related fields, especially electrical-electronic engineering departments of universities, attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the objectives of developing national technologies with high added value in the field of energy, increasing the share of national technologies in the energy sector, developing the human resources of EÜAŞ in terms of knowledge, skills and competence, and conducting R&D-based graduate programs.

- “Owning the technologies to process the energy resources is as important as owning these resources.”

CoHE Deputy President Prof. Cevahir Uzkurt spoke at the opening of the meeting. He emphasized that concrete steps towards the realization of university-industry cooperation were important, and that having the technologies to process underground and surface wealth was as important as having these resources. Uzkurt also stated that this study could pave the way for the establishment of energy-themed R&D Centers.

- “We should be an exporting country, not an importer country in electricity production.”

EÜAŞ General Manager Dr. İzzet Alagöz thanked CoHE for its cooperation in the energy field, which is critical for our country. He mentioned that we should be an exporting country, not a technology importing country in electricity production, and stated that the topic of energy should be considered not for today, but for the future.

- Visit to Soma A Thermal Power Plant

In the second session of the meeting, a technical visit was organized to Soma A Thermal Power Plant. During the visit, the priority problem areas of the Electricity Generation Corporation in energy were discussed and consultations were held to identify the new technologies needed and to determine the future projects.