Digital Transformation in Turkish Higher Education Continues: “E-transcript”

May 9, 2021

CoHE completed the works for the provision of transcripts in digital environment. As a result of the works CoHE has carried out in cooperation with universities, it was made possible to receive transcripts, one of the most needed official documents by students, for free in a standard format in two languages, Turkish and English, through the e-Government Gateway.

- CoHE collaborated with universities

Within the scope of the works initiated by CoHE, a sample transcript was created after reviewing the current transcripts of universities. CoHE sent this sample to all universities and received the opinions and proposals of the related university officials. Then, the document was finalized and sent to all universities in a standard format.

Following these works, CoHE made its information system compatible with the information systems of universities and sent a correspondence to universities for the completion of the data input needed for the issue of transcripts through the section of CoHE on the e-Government system. Public and foundation universities input these data on their own.

- Transcripts can be obtained online for free without going to university

Undergraduate, graduate and soon-to-graduate students at Turkish universities will be able to receive their transcripts from the “Transkript Belgesi Sorgulama” section easily and for free by logging into the section of CoHE on the e-Government Gateway. Universities will upload the transcripts of the students who graduated in previous years to the e-Government system following the additional works to be carried within the bounds of possibility of universities.

Before, enrolled students and university graduates applied to the Registrar's Office, Faculty or Institute of their university in person to obtain their transcripts, and depending on the infrastructure of universities, they received the document within one or two working days at the earliest.

- It will save time and money

Through this online service of CoHE, e-transcripts can be obtained through the E-government Gateway in Turkish and English. Since many universities were not able to provide this service, students and graduates, who needed their transcripts in a foreign language, had to have their transcripts translated at translation offices. This led to time and financial loss especially for students and graduates who applied from outside the provinces or abroad.

Students will not spend money on translations and will be able to access e-transcripts easily in case of transfer between universities. Universities will also save on paperwork costs and reduce their costs of personnel and workload.

- They can be verified by barcode number or QR code

Students can now receive transcripts with barcodes and QR codes from anywhere they can access the internet via the E-government Gateway. The institutions and persons to whom the document is submitted will be able to verify transcripts by using the barcode number in the “Transcript Belgesi Doğrulama” section after logging into the section of CoHE on the E-government Gateway or through the QR code on YÖK Mobile application.

- E-transcripts will prevent the forgery of documents

Since e-transcripts will be issued through the E-government Gateway, it will be safer for individuals and institutions. In this way, it will be almost impossible to issue forged transcripts.

The New CoHE will continue to realize student-friendly, innovative practices.