April 17, 2021

New CoHE Continues to Take Decisions for Egalitarian Higher Education and Closes Doors of Exploitation for Social Justice and Equal Opportunity

Success and Qualification Should Be the Only Sources of Privilege

As is known, students can continue their education in other higher education institutions as “special students” “for a certain period of time” voluntarily or due to compelling reasons. This method is correct and important as it imparts the culture of different higher education institutions to students and contributes to their personal development. In addition, from time to time, it may not be possible for students to continue their education in the same higher education institutions due to subsequent health problems or the acts they are exposed to (batter, violence, etc.). The status of special student is an important opportunity for these students. However, the status of special student is an exceptional method and is, in no way, “a method and door of exploitation that could be used throughout the entire undergraduate education”. Otherwise, the principles of social justice and equal opportunity would be violated and the conscience of the community would be wounded as students are placed according to their scores and success.

Social justice, equal opportunity and egalitarianism are principles essential for the placement of all prospective students in higher education age. We will prevent the circumvention of these principles. Unfortunately, some students, who are placed in the programs of universities with lower score requirements that are found in other provinces, can receive education as “special students” in the same programs of the universities they could not be placed because they did not get enough scores in the university entrance exam. In other words, they have the opportunity to receive education throughout their period of study at the universities they want to study in their preferred provinces even though they did not acquire the required level of success (they do not get their diplomas from these universities). Regrettably, it is also possible to extend the scope of these negative examples in our country to other countries. The fact that a student, who could not be enrolled in a Turkish higher education institution, receiving all of their education in a Turkish higher education as a “special student” after enrolling in an overseas university do not accord with the principles of social justice and equal opportunity. As can be understood from these practices, the opportunity of the status of special student has started to turn into a method of exploitation.

The period of study for the status of special student was limited to ensure that this exceptional method, which is based on valid and humane reasons, is used for its purpose. Besides, it was also stipulated that the period of study could be extended in case students cannot be expected to continue their education in their higher education institutions due to situations such as health, assault and violence.

As the New CoHE, we attach importance to social justice and equal opportunity. We demonstrate a strong will that turns into action in line with this principle, and close the doors of exploitation one by one. We will continue to take decisions in this direction. We are taking steps towards "building an egalitarian higher education system where success and qualification are the only privileges" for our youth.

There are more decisions to make.

Council of Higher Educati​on