January 30, 2021

As is known, a provocative action, which went against the respect and reverence the Kaaba deserves, took place at Boğaziçi University yesterday.

One of the common sensibilities of the Turkish nation is to show respect to religious affinity and symbols. It is evident that this act, which imperceptibly violated the utmost delicacy of this noble nation on “decency and respect”, one of the features that distinguish this nation from other nations, will be a lifelong shame for those who acted recklessly and disrespectfully.

Universities are not only places where scientific activities are carried out, but also institutions that train generations, and moral and honest citizens who will protect the culture and values of their own nation. It is clear that such odious behaviors will not increase the prestige of those who display this behavior, and the university they belong to, and benefit the opinions they defend.

Therefore, we would like to remind that it is the duty of the entire academic community, including its students, to this society to adopt a tone, which is always attentive, kind and respectful to the common sensitivities, values and sacred values of the society, and that those who carried out this action do not represent the university youth.

Council of Higher Education