CoHE to Establish International Institute for Genocide and Crimes against Humanity

May 22, 2021

The Council of Higher Education (CoHE) started to work on the establishment of an institute called the “International Institute for Genocide and Crimes against Humanity” within a university to do research on genocide and crimes against humanity.

CoHE plans to establish this institute at a university which is accepted as a university that meets certain criteria in this field by CoHE. This institute not only aims to do research on the so-called genocide allegations regarding the Armenians, but also to do research on crimes against humanity that are taking place all around the world, from America to Asia.

- We still witness the policies of imperialist states that create genocide and crimes against humanity

CoHE officials pointed out that the practices that can be considered within the scope of the concept of genocide or crimes against humanity that were realized by the imperialist states in history still continue to be carried out in certain regions. They drew attention to the fact that the history of humanity had witnessed many policies that constitute crimes against humanity such as the ignoration of the sovereign rights of the peoples living in the lands occupied and exploited by these imperialist countries, their massacre, exile, assimilation, change of their languages, interference with their religious life and cruel treatment towards these people.

- The crimes committed against humanity will be made into a report and shared with the national and international public.

The institute will address the past and/or present crimes committed by these countries, anywhere in the world, on the basis of science and law in an academic manner and the outcomes of these studies will be made into a report to share with the national and international public.

- Scientific support will be given to demanding countries

In addition to reports, academic activities will also be carried out at graduate level in the institute. Necessary scientific support will be provided to countries that are subject to oppression and persecution, upon request.

- National and international academics and researchers will work in the institute

The institute, which aims to carry out international studies, is planning to employ not only Turkish academics and researchers, but also international scientists.

- CoHE will support its human resources

The institute will be supported in terms of human resources by CoHE and will have an academic structure that is equivalent to its scope. The human resource in the YÖK 100/2000 Doctoral Scholarship Project will also make contributions to the institute.

- CoHE will especially take institutional merit and competence into account when choosing the higher education institution

Since the research of the institute has an interdisciplinary nature, it is of great importance that the higher education institution in which the institute will be established is adequate in terms of human resources. In other words, it should have "institutional merit and qualification".

- The university in which the institute will be established will be determined following the presentations to be made to the CoHE Executive Board

The leading universities in this field were informed by CoHE and were invited to CoHE to make a presentation to the CoHE Executive Board about their competencies in the subject and field, if they demanded the establishment of the institute within their university. As a result of the presentations to be made on May 27, CoHE will decide on the higher education institution in which the institute will be established.