CoHE Allows Students Completing Their Maximum Study Period to Take Additional Exams

October 1, 2021

As is known, according to the subparagraph (c) of Article 44 of the Law on Higher Education No. 2547, “starting from the term when the courses of the enrolled program are offered, excluding the one-year foreign language preparatory class and without taking into account if students enrolled every term, students must complete their studies in maximum four years for two-year associate degree programs, in maximum seven years for four-year undergraduate programs, in maximum eight years for five-year undergraduate programs and in maximum nine years for six-year undergraduate programs.”

The start of the maximum periods of study is the fall term of the 2014-2015 academic year according to Provisional Article 67 of the same law. The previous periods of study will not be taken into consideration when calculating the maximum periods for students that are already enrolled in higher education institutions.

The enrollment of especially some undergraduate students who completed their maximum periods of study are or will be terminated due to failing courses. However, universities hesitate over the exams that will be held at the end of the maximum study periods for such students and send many questions and requests to the Council of Higher Education.

It is understood that universities follow different methods about the additional exams that are offered according to the related article to students who failed their courses, did not take courses due to various reasons or did not attend classes. In particular, the issue of whether the courses that students did not take or the courses with compulsory attendance that students did not attend can be considered as failed courses” has led to debates.

The issue was evaluated by taking into account the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following decision was made for students who completed their maximum periods of study. According to the decision, the students in preparatory class, second- or third-year students (excluding first and last year students), last year students and students who did not receive the required average score or ECTS/credits for graduation will be allowed to take additional exams according to the subparagraph (c) of Article 44 of the Law on Higher Education No. 2547 .

Among such students, those whose enrollment was terminated as of the 2017-2018 academic year could also benefit from the same opportunity offered by the said article in case they apply for it.

However, the compensation of the gains of the applied courses will be essential when taking the additional exams.