YOK Atlas Updated

December 2, 2020

Some of the modules on the Higher Education Program Atlas (YOK Atlas), which was made available by the student-friendly New CoHE at https://yokatlas.yok.gov.tr to help candidates make more conscious decisions regarding their choice of university and field of study, were updated.

- The modules of Undergraduate/Associate Degree Atlas and Net Wizard were updated

The modules of Undergraduate/Associate Degree Atlas and Net Wizard on YOK Atlas were updated according to the 2020-YKS data as a result of the efforts of CoHE and was made available to candidates who will make their university selections for 2021-YKS, their parents and experts who offer guidance services.

- The system has become an essential source of information for selection periods

YOK Atlas was first opened for public use during the 2016-OSYS process to help students take more conscious decisions while choosing their universities and professions, acting almost as a guidance teacher. The system has become the most important and up-to-date source of information that candidates and guidance teachers consulted to especially during the YKS selection periods.

- Numerous modules were launched on YOK Atlas

In addition to the modules of Undergraduate/Associate Degree and Net Wizard, modules such as “Turkish Universities”, “Undergraduate/Associate Degree Selection Wizard”, “Graduate Ranking Atlas”, “Occupation Atlas” and “My Selection List” are also included in the program. CoHE continues to work on updating these modules.