CoHE Publishes New Arrangements to Pave Way for Research and Ensure Monitoring of Public Funds

July 16, 2020

CoHE made changes in the Regulation on Scientific Research Projects (BAP), which it has been working on for a long time.

In the process that started with the request of the opinions of all universities, meetings were held at CoHE with BAP coordinators of many universities, especially research universities. The amendment, which was finalized with the views of the Strategy and Budget Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, was published in the Official Gazette on July 16, 2020.

Accordingly, many fundamental changes were made in the BAP Regulation. Some of these changes are as follows:

1- The experts who will evaluate the projects will be paid fees

In order to increase the quality of project evaluation, individuals from or outside of higher education institutions, who are experts in scientific research projects and have at least a PhD degree, could be paid fees for project evaluation.

Prior to the acceptance of the scientific research projects by the Committee, the expert assigned in the project evaluation could be paid a fee not exceeding the amount calculated by multiplying the indicator figure of 10,000 by the monthly coefficient for civil servants of the relevant year. Expert fees will be covered by the funds allocated to higher education institutions for scientific research projects. The number of expert fees to be paid to an individual will not exceed six in a year.

2- Funds could be transferred from BAP funds to national and international project partners

Cash or in-kind contribution, which is proposed by the committee and approved by the senior manager, could be transferred from BAP funds to scientific research projects supported by national or international institutions and organizations, provided that it does not exceed 30% of the project cost.

3- BAP Committee will direct the research ecosystem of the university

The committee, which is established to evaluate, accept, support, encourage and coordinate scientific research projects, to take measures to increase the research performance of higher education institutions, to carry out activities related to measuring and evaluating research performance, and determining research policies, and to carry out other duties assigned by the senior manager for scientific research, will direct the research ecosystem of the university.

4- They will act in accordance with the principle of segregation of duties

The committee, which is chaired by the committee president appointed by the senior manager and consists of at least seven to eleven faculty members appointed by the senior manager with the recommendation of the senate, will evaluate, accept, and monitor scientific research projects, measure and evaluate the research performance of higher education institutions, and carry out activities related to the determination of research policies.

Budgeting, accounting, purchasing and movable transactions related to scientific research projects will be carried out by the Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit.

5- Responsibilities and financial audit are clearly determined

The responsibilities and auditing principles were determined for the acceptance and implementation of scientific research projects.

6- Thesis projects could be given an additional 6 months

The durations given for thesis projects can be extended to cover the additional legal periods granted for the theses by the authorized units. However, financial support to be provided for thesis projects that were given additional time can be extended up to six months with the approval of the thesis monitoring committee.

7- Issues related to SSI deductions of scholarship students were determined

Insurance premiums to be paid due to the insurance coverage within the scope of the subparagraph (b) of the first paragraph of Article 5 of Social Security and General Health Insurance Law dated 31/5/2006 and numbered 5510 will be determined by the committee.

8- Project supports will be inserted into YÖKSİS to ensure effective, economic and efficient use of scientific research projects and fund transfers

Information on ongoing scientific research project supports and fund transfers accepted by the Committee and other information requested by the Council of Higher Education will be inserted into YÖKSİS within one month following the date of acceptance and the date for the submission of the final reports of the completed projects. Coordinator of the Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit will be responsible for monitoring the data entries to YÖKSİS at the designated times. This information will be announced on the website of the higher education institution.

9- The interest of the funds in the BAP budget will be used for research

The incomes in the private account and amounts provided within the scope of treasury grants can be evaluated within the framework of the provisions of the Public Treasury Regulation. The interests obtained in this way will be linked with the fund and recorded as income in the private account.


Click here for the Regulation on Scientific Research Projects.