NÖROM, First Joint Research Center, Established With Initıatives of CoHE

December 19, 2020

Joint research centers, which will allow multiple universities distinguished in their fields combine their  powers, knowledge and experience to support projects that are of strategic importance, were established with the legal arrangement that entered into force in April with the initiative of the New CoHE. The regulation of the first joint research center, which will be established using a model to be implemented for the first time, was published in the official gazette today.

This project introduced the collaboration model to the Turkish higher education system and allowed the public resources to be used more efficiently.

In addition to introducing the collaboration model to Turkish higher education, Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Center of Excellence (NÖROM) will set an example in terms of carrying out projects that require large investments and expenditures in priority and specific areas for the development of the country with the cooperation of universities, sharing knowledge and experience, and using public resources effectively and efficiently.