CoHE Launches Website for Transfers to Turkish Universities

July 8, 2020 / Ankara

The Council of Higher Education (CoHE) opened a website, which contains detailed information on the procedures for the transfers of Turkish students studying abroad, who do not want to return to their universities because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and international students who wish to study in Turkey.

CoHE has taken a number of important decisions for students studying abroad who are unable to return to their universities due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, or do not want to return to their universities because of the risks associated with the pandemic in the related country.

In this scope, the 50% limitation on the transfers from the programs of overseas universities, excluding the programs of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, Teaching, Engineering and Architecture, which have the condition of academic standing for entrance to higher education, was lifted and these programs were allowed to allocate quotas for transfers from overseas universities as many as the quotas for transfers from Turkish universities.

In addition, students, who wish to get transferred from universities ranked in the top 1,000, were provided with new opportunities. They could apply for transfer for the first and last years and transfer to open education programs, provided that they meet the conditions.

- Number of Quotas for Transfers and Calendar for Application Process

The Council initiated a new project to inform students. The section on CoHE’s website, which includes “List of Transfer Quotas / Calendar for Transfer Quotas” for students who want to be transferred from overseas universities to Turkish universities, was updated in accordance with the new decisions.

The website can be accessed at

Students can learn about the updated number of domestic and foreign quotas of the related program that the university has opened when they choose the name of the university and program in the section "List of Transfer Quotas".

In the section “Calendar for Transfer Quotas”, they can view the detailed information on the application dates for transfers and the assessment dates, exact enrollment dates and enrollment dates for substitute students.

- Students are allowed to transfer to the first and last years during the pandemic

CoHE decided that students studying abroad could apply for transfer to all years at Turkish universities, including the first and last years, and that it would be limited to the fall term of the 2020-2021 academic year.

This will allow all students studying abroad to be included in the Turkish higher education system under certain conditions, regardless of the year they are studying in.

According to the previous legislation, transfers were not allowed for the first and last years. Quotas for the first and last years are included in the list as the new arrangement allows students to apply to be transferred to the first and last years, exclusive for the global pandemic.

- Enrollment process will be extended until December 15

CoHE President Prof. Yekta Saraç has previously announced that CoHE was inviting successful Turkish students studying abroad and international students, who wish to study at universities outside their home countries, to study at prominent higher education institutions in Turkey.

In this context, CoHE will give prospective international students the right to pre-enroll and extend the application and enrollment process until December 15, 2020.