CoHE Gives Award to Project that Nationalizes High Technology Training in Drill Ships

October 16, 2020 / Ankara

Following the good news about the reserves in natural gas exploration, Turkey will now have a say in the international arena in high-tech training in drill ships with the university-industry cooperation project that was granted the CoHE Excellence Award.

When the project, which has been carried out in partnership with Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) and ITUNOVA Technology Office of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), is completed, technology training, which was received abroad before, will be received through national means in Turkey.

The ceremony was held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the National Congress and Culture Center yesterday. The Council of Higher Education organized the fourth CoHE Excellence Awards Ceremony to encourage the studies, projects, theses and activities related to community services that are carried out through the scientific studies of universities. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan presented the awards to the winners in two categories, namely individual and institutional awards.

"CoHE University-Industry Cooperation Award" was given to the cooperation project between TPAO and ITUNOVA TTO for the “Nationalization of Offshore Safety and Advanced Emergency Training with Accreditation and Certification”.

- The accredited technology training in drill ships in Turkey will open up to the world

This university-industry cooperation model sets an example in many aspects among the projects carried out in this field. Through this cooperation, education infrastructure with high technology content to be accredited in the field of maritime in Turkey will be opened to companies operating in the oil and gas industry at the global level.

The presence of the ITUNOVA Technology Transfer Office, which was established within the framework of the Regulation on Technology Transfer Offices of Higher Education Institutions to strengthen the entrepreneurship, business development and commercial aspect of the project, along with the university stands out as an innovative and pioneering approach. When the project is completed, the ITUNOVA Technology Transfer Office will become the first OPITO approved training provider in Turkey and will play a leading role. Taking into consideration the discovery of the natural gas reserve in the Black Sea and the latest developments taking place in the Eastern Mediterranean region, it is quite important that an international training-certification provider with these qualifications operates in Turkey.

ITUNOVA Technology Transfer Office will also be an important regional solution partner in the training and certification processes of companies that provide human resource support in the oil and natural gas sector. As the challenging high technology training in drill ships, which were offered abroad before, starts to be offered in Turkey, both the academic and technological knowledge of the country will increase in areas such as oil and natural gas and it will make a great contribution to the economy.

Furthermore, this training will meet the demand of large companies operating in the region for training related to technological developments and the academic studies on this topic will move to new heights in Turkey. It will add value to Turkey and contribute to the economy in areas such as oil and natural gas that are of great importance in the world. 

- The path for the development of high technologies in drilling through national means will be opened

When the project is completed, it will become possible to develop high technologies such as sensors used in drill ships and seismic research software through national means. A proper platform will be provided for the academics to develop national and domestic technologies thanks to the knowledge accumulated in the country on technologies to be used in drill ships.

The cooperation will also allow the higher use of local technology in national ships in Turkey.