Measures to be Taken in Higher Education Institutions about COVID-19

March 6, 2020

1. Travel and International Meetings

All of our students, academic and administrative staff are advised to reconsider their travel plans, especially their overseas travel plans for reasons such as exchange programs, congresses and meetings and to cancel them in case they are not essential. They are advised to do the following if they are required to travel:

- To check if there are any travel warnings or bans for the country concerned ( ),

- To pay attention to personal hygiene during their travels,

- To visit the nearest health institution if any signs of infection appear during or after their travels and to inform the Turkish Embassy if they are abroad during this time.

2. Meetings with International Participation

If a high number of attendance is expected from the countries with epidemics in meetings with international participation to be held in our country, it is advised to postpone the planned meeting and consider having online meetings,

The following precautions are advised for ongoing meetings;

- To provide the necessary environment for hand hygiene and to place hand disinfectants in accessible areas,

- To inform and remind the participants about the modes of transmission and prevention methods for COVID-19 before and after the meetings.

​3. Measures to be Taken Against Discrimination

Students and academics from countries with COVID-19, such as China, South Korea, Iran, and Italy, who have not traveled to their home countries recently and have not encountered any cases of COVID-19, are not more prone to contract, carry or transmit the disease, similar to Turkish or other international students.

Utmost attention must be paid to ensure that fear and anxiety about the disease do not cause panic, that people from a certain community or nation are not considered as the source and carrier of the disease, and that international students and academics, especially students and academics from China and other Asian countries, do not face discrimination.

It is essential for the Turkish Academia to be sensitive about this issue and to provide the necessary information and take precautions to prevent mistreatment.

In addition to paying attention to hygiene at campuses, our university administrators are advised to hang posters on personal hygiene rules, especially in places such as lecture halls, corridors, dining halls, etc. where people gather, and to share information leaflets with university departments,

Follow the updates on the disease on the official website of the Ministry of Health.