CoHE Warns Foundation Higher Education Institutions to Determine Tuition Fees

July 26, 2022

The Council of Higher Education (CoHE) sent a correspondence to foundation higher education institutions and reminded them of the obligation to determine their tuition fees before the selection and/or transfer period to prevent any adverse effects on students.

CoHE sent the following statement to the universities:

“It was observed from the complaints received by the Council of Higher Education that some foundation higher education institutions have made statements that they would determine the tuition fees according to the inflation or costs at the end or the beginning of the term, instead of determining a certain amount of tuition fees.

It is obligatory to determine the tuition fees as a net amount before the selection and/or transfer period so that students do not face any surprising and unexpected figures and get affected by it after the enrollment period.

The Board of Trustees of all foundation higher education institutions are kindly requested to exercise due diligence when determining the tuition fees.”