Education-Training and Personnel Transactions of Universities Transferred to Digital Environment

October 18, 2022

Under the Big Data and Digitalization in Higher Education Project, the requests of universities to open and close units and programs will be received digitally through the newly designed system as of October 2022 by the Council of Higher Education.

In order to use the existing capacity in higher education more effectively and efficiently, to reduce bureaucracy and to make longer-term and rational plans for universities, the opening, closing and updating procedures of units, departments and programs of higher education institutions, including requests for academic staff needs, will be carried out in a digital environment. The systematic infrastructure regarding the receipt, examination, evaluation and finalization of the applications related to the said transactions have been completed.

In the new period, applications for opening, closing and updating units, departments and programs will be made within the scope of the annual development planning of universities. The need for academic staff will also be reported and evaluated in the same process.

The annual development plan of universities will be implemented after it is submitted by the relevant rector’s office and finalized at the CoHE Education Commission.

In order to avoid any disruptions in the transition to the new application process, CoHE will offer online training courses on planning and use of the system to universities.

It is aimed to make business procedures more transparent, efficient and faster with the transfer of the works and transactions for higher education institutions to the digital environment.