CoHE Holds Virtual Fair for Students Making Selections After YKS: “Discover Your University YÖK Virtual Fair 2022”

Özvar: “I recommend that you choose the programs you want and love by doing a comprehensive research for a great future you dream of.”

August 1, 2022

The "Discover Your University YÖK Virtual Fair", which is organized by the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) to promote universities and their programs in order to facilitate the process for prospective students who will choose a university, has started.

CoHE aims to introduce students to the universities and programs of their choice in the digital environment through the fair, which will be held between 1-3 August 2022 under the title of "Discover Your University YÖK Virtual Fair 2022".

CoHE President Özvar posted a message about the fair for students. In his message, Özvar congratulated students for their success in the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) after a tough marathon, and underlined that they could find all the answers to their questions about universities directly and quickly from the authorized representatives of the universities via online chat at the fair.

Özvar reiterated that the Higher Education Program Atlas (YÖK Atlas) was prepared to help students in their selection process.

“As CoHE, we take every precaution to ensure that you receive a qualified and world-class education. We pay extra attention to prepare you, who are the guarantee of our bright future, with a good education for the future as well-equipped and conscious individuals,” he wrote.

CoHE President Özvar emphasized that students would also have the chance to participate in social, cultural and sports activities and receive a privileged education on campuses equipped with the latest technology in addition to academic education at student-friendly Turkish universities and said, “Therefore, I recommend that you do a thorough research for a bright future you dream of and choose the programs you want and love. If you want to be successful, it is extremely important that you choose the field of study consciously, look for the possibilities offered by the university, and study in that field with interest and enthusiasm.”

- Students choosing certain programs will be granted scholarships-

In his message, CoHE President Erol Özvar reiterated that CoHE supports the students, who included the undergraduate programs of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics in their first 15 selections and were placed in the top three of these programs, by granting them scholarships throughout their period of study.

In addition, President Özvar stated that CoHE decided to grant undergraduate scholarships to students who will choose the undergraduate programs of artificial intelligence engineering, artificial intelligence and data engineering under certain conditions in accordance with new decision taken within the scope of Türkiye's National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Document. “The 'Discover Your University Fair' will make your selection process easier by bringing you together with the university of your dreams. I wish that your choice will be beneficial for you, your families and Türkiye. I wish you success in your academic life,” he said.

- “Discover Your University YÖK Virtual Fair 2022”

The virtual fair will be held with the participation of around 200 higher education institutions. Higher education institutions will carry out online promotional activities and conduct audio and video interviews with prospective students and answer the questions of students via live chat.

The fair aims to showcase the higher education potential and opportunities to be offered to students such as higher education institutions, programs, departments, accommodation and scholarship opportunities, as well as social and cultural activities. It can be accessed at .