- CoHE President Özvar Attends Pamukkale University's 30th Anniversary Events

- Özvar: “The recent steps taken by Pamukkale University in terms of both internationalization and regional development are gratifying”

September 28, 2022

CoHE President Erol Özvar visited Denizli to attend the anniversary event entitled "30 Years 30 Themes" organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Pamukkale University (PAU) and to hold important talks.

In his opening speech, Özvar expressed his pleasure to be in Denizli, one of the leading provinces of Türkiye in industry, agriculture and tourism sectors in addition to its historical monuments and geographical beauty, and PAU.

Özvar stated that he had visited universities as time permitted since the day he took office, and that he tried to increase cooperation and coordination with all stakeholders, especially students and faculty members, for the needs and future of higher education institutions. “In this way, it will be possible for our past and future decisions to have a genuine academic response and to provide a positive externality to our society. I believe that the decisions we will make through communication and cooperation will have longer-term results,” he said.

Özvar noted that the recent steps taken by PAU in terms of both internationalization and regional development were gratifying and said:

“Turkish universities, such as Pamukkale University, which was founded in 1992, have experienced a significant institutional expansion in the past 30 years. The universities, which have turned into full-fledged higher education institutions with the establishment of institutional culture, are gaining more importance day by day as the leading elements of Türkiye's higher education.”

He stated that it was time for quality and efficiency in education-training, research-development, scientific publication production and university-business relations, and that PAU's cooperation with the sectors and the patents it had developed were among the good examples of university-industry cooperation, adding “The potential of international students and the activities they carry out on behalf of governance at the university are pleasing for institutional development and quality.”

He noted that higher education institutions and universities were one of the main determining systemic factors in both domestic and international social and economic processes and underlined that higher education institutions had an extremely important place in international competition as they took a leading role in the knowledge production of countries.

“The vision of higher education institutions should be to develop critical strategies and take steps towards it”

Özvar pointed out the importance of higher education institutions to initiate a rapid change and transformation process in order to adapt to the changing world.

“Türkiye is not outside of this process. Our strategy and policies are based on facilitating the integration of our universities. In a process where education evolves into learning, management into governance, research into innovation, and degrees into lifelong learning, the vision of higher education institutions should be to develop critical strategies and take steps towards this, by following these processes carefully. As a result of this rapid change and popularization, higher education institutions should take action to find new financial resources that will contribute to their financial autonomy. Therefore, it is critical that local dynamics and environmental factors are taken into account and that they become pioneers in regional development,” he said.

“Universities have great responsibilities in the development of their regions as well as in solving local and regional issues”

Erol Özvar stated that universities played a leading role not only in the economic but also in the social and cultural development of the provinces where they were located, and underlined that universities had great responsibilities in the development of their regions as well as in the solution of local and regional issues. “Our universities should implement projects and initiatives for the development and socio-cultural development of the provinces where they are located. In order to achieve this, our higher education institutions should cooperate fully with local institutions and organizations, as well as take initiatives in terms of financial opportunities and human resources development in education, training and research. We are more than happy to see that PAU has established close relations with every part of the province and expect it to generate more resources thanks to the cooperation with the sectors,” Özvar said.

- 30 Years 30 Themes

CoHE President Özvar chaired the Pamukkale University senate meeting.

Özvar and PAU Rector Prof. Ahmet Kutluhan visited the Hierapolis Ancient City, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and the Karahayıt Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center.

Özvar, who joined a hot-air balloon ride as part of PAU's "30 Years 30 Themes" activities, visited the ancient city of Laodikeia, whose excavation and restoration works have been carried out by the PAU teams.

After visiting the Teknofest stands at the Hüseyin Yılmaz Congress Culture Center, Özvar chatted with the students and took a souvenir photo. Özvar visited the Martyrs Square in the university campus and watched the performances of the university's parachute and motorcycle group. Özvar also talked with the students at the culture and congress center of the university.

Özvar came together with the provincial senior officials and presented the awards to the winners of the Gastronomy Contest organized by the Tourism Faculty at PAU.

Later, Özvar visited the Menderes Textile Factory to see the university-industry cooperation on site and met with the industrialists of the province at dinner.