Trending Fields Added to YÖK 100/2000 PhD Project for New Call

January 7, 2021

The “YÖK 100/2000 PhD Project” that aims to train people with doctoral degrees in the fields needed by our country has completed its fourth year and the number of doctoral students has exceeded 5 thousand.

- The project helped train people with doctoral degrees in trending fields that are needed by Turkey

Started as a “Project for Training Powerful Generations for the Future of Turkey”, the “YÖK 100/2000 PhD Project” aims to invest in the fields of study that will be needed over the next decade to increase the competitive power of our country in the global arena. Besides, at this point, it has adopted the mission of not only investing in the future to train powerful generations, but also training competent people in the trending fields for today’s needs.

In this scope, three new scientific fields were added to the project to train people with doctoral degrees needed for the project “Turkey’s Automobile”. Seven scientific fields were also added to the project to contribute to Turkey’s domestic and national technological move in the defense industry. In addition, CoHE announced the “Special Call for the Pandemic” to contribute to the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic.

- New subfields added to the project

Lastly, important subfields were added to the project to contribute to the agenda of our country with the “Call for the Spring Semester of the 2020-2021 Academic Year”, which was announced today.

The subfields of Earthquake Studies (Seismic Isolation Methods, Earthquake-Resistant Materials Technologies, Integrated Technologies, Practical Reinforcement Technologies, Geophysical Studies-Detection of Active Faults, Studies on Earthquake Risk, Studies for Determination of Ground Structures, Earthquake Dampers, Operational Modal Analysis, Earthquake Early Warning Systems, Tsunami Early Warning Systems, IoT Based Intelligent Earthquake Warning Systems) and Disaster and Emergency Management were added to the project to train competent people for earthquakes that are frequently experienced in our country and cause casualties.

Underground Energy Resources Management (Deep Sea Drilling and Production Techniques, Natural Gas Production / Storage Technologies, Geothermal Reservoir, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Marine and Land Seismic Measurement Technologies), and Marine Geology and Geophysics (Marine Seismology, Seabed Earthquake and Tsunami Observation Technologies, Unmanned Underwater Vehicles) were added to the project to ensure the use of energy resources effectively in our country and to determine the existing energy needs with the help of the studies carried out in the sea.

The subfield of Sustainable Water Resources (Water Saving Technologies and Treatment Technologies) was also included in the call once again to encourage the increase and expansion of the efforts to solve problems about water resources threatening us today rather than being a necessity in the future.

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