April 4, 2021


Our great nation has shown that the period of coups has definitely come to an end in our country and that it has made its choice in favor of democracy by standing firmly against the tanks at the cost of their lives during the coup attempt on July 15. The concept of respect for the national will has now become an indispensable principle of our nation. Our nation cannot tolerate any acts that put this principle to test.

The declaration evoking the connotation of a coup, which was published at midnight, reminds us of similar initiatives that took place in the past. It is an attempt that underestimates national will and democracy and implicates the heroic Turkish Armed Forces.

It is evident that such an initiative that is taken in a period when our country is tackling with many national and international issues, pandemic and regional security problems in particular, and the Turkish Armed Forces are struggling with heroism and by making a great sacrifice at home and across the border will please foreign powers who do not want the good of our country.

There is no doubt that our nation and the relevant institutions of our country will give the appropriate response to such initiatives.