Turkey’s First Joint Research Centers on High Technology in Agriculture and Livestock Established with Initiative of CoHE      

February 1, 2021

Universities will join their forces with the initiative of the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) and establish the first joint research centers in three strategic fields, namely “digital technologies in the livestock sector”, “digital technologies in food supply security” and “advanced geothermal greenhouse technologies”, in Turkey.

With the initiative of CoHE, an important step was taken within the scope of the legal regulation that calls for the establishment of a joint research center where leading universities can combine their powers, knowledge and experience to support strategically-important projects such as medicine, vaccines and seeds. The regulation was accepted at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly in April.

Following the publication of the Law on the Amendment of the Higher Education Law and Certain Laws in the Official Gazette, CoHE started to receive applications from universities regarding the opening of joint research centers. At first, Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Center of Excellence (NÖROM) was established for the R&D activities of Gazi University, Ankara University and Middle East Technical University after the approval of CoHE.

- Universities will develop high technology in three priority fields of Turkey

New centers continue to be established within the framework of the legislation that allows universities to join forces with the initiative of CoHE. Following the evaluations, CoHE approved the establishment of three new joint research centers that plan to operate in the priority fields of the country.

In this context, universities joined forces in the country's strategic field of livestock. The Joint Research Center for Digital Technologies in Livestock Sector will be established under the coordination of Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University and in partnership with Hacettepe University and Kırklareli University. The center will contribute to the creation of a more productive sector through innovative approaches and digitalization in the livestock sector, and R&D projects will be carried out for product development.

- Advanced techniques will be developed to increase the food supply capacity

The Joint Research Center for Advanced Geothermal Greenhouse Technologies and Production Techniques will be established under the coordination of Kırşehir Ahi Evran University and in partnership with Ankara University and Selçuk University. The center will generate studies that will contribute to scientific and technological developments by using advanced techniques in the field of greenhouse cultivation, which is determined as a priority field within the scope of national targets and policies for increasing the national food supply capacity.

The Joint Research Center for Food Supply Security and Digitalization will be established under the coordination of Kırklareli University and in partnership with Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University and Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University. The fields of food, agriculture and livestock will be discussed in connection with each other in the center. The center, where scientific studies will be carried out in order to ensure continuous access to adequate, healthy, reliable and nutritious food, aims to develop innovative policies, domestic and national solutions for food supply security, new technologies in agriculture, food and livestock, and efficient food resources and to ensure rural development and competitiveness in international markets.