CoHE Grants the Right for Conditional Enrollment to Candidates without YDS Score Reports

September 6, 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Council of Higher Education has granted the candidates, who will apply to graduate programs such as master's degree, doctoral or proficiency in art programs, and research assistants, who will apply for doctoral or proficiency in art programs, the right to submit their documents related to Foreign Language Exam (YDS) scores to higher education institutions after the exam results are announced.

OSYM has postponed the date of the Foreign Language Exam to September 27 because of the pandemic. The candidates reported to the Council of Higher Education that they could not apply to graduate programs as they cannot obtain their YDS score reports.

The Council of Higher Education decided that YDS scores that are required for the application to graduate programs by the related universities would not be included during the evaluation process and that candidates, who earned the right to enroll, would be allowed for conditional enrollment only for the applications to graduate programs during the fall term of the 2020-2021 academic year so that candidates will not be affected adversely during the process.

- Research assistants are also allowed for conditional enrollment

The research assistants, whose YDS scores have expired, are allowed for conditional enrollment to doctoral or proficiency in arts programs that require YDS scores for application with the scores they submitted during the application procedures for master’s degree programs.

- Candidates need to submit their YDS score reports in five days

Candidates, who applied without submitting their foreign language exam scores, will be required to submit their score reports to the relevant higher education institution within five days starting from the announcement date of the YDS scores by OSYM. Those who do not submit their documents by the specified date will not be allowed to carry out their enrolment procedures as they could not meet the enrollment conditions.