Announcement Regarding the Decision About Istanbul Şehir University

June 30, 2020

The findings of Marmara University, the guarantor university, regarding Istanbul Şehir University were evaluated together with the reports of the Audit Board of Higher Education at the General Assembly meeting of the Council of Higher Education held on June 25, 2020. According to these findings, the university is not capable of covering the revenue gap, the salaries of the university staff cannot be paid, the prolongation of the temporary suspension of the university’s operation will cause students, academics, administrative staff, and public and private service providers to have more adverse effects and the university will not be able to continue its education and training activities. Pursuant to paragraph 14 of Annex Article 11 of Law No. 2547, the findings of the guarantor university were approved by the Council of Higher Education and submitted to the Presidency and the official authorization for university’s operation was revoked by the Presidential Decree. It should be known that education of the students is our priority. In this regard, we want them to know that measures will be taken without delay in order to allow them to continue their education under favorable conditions as they had done before. We want to announce to the public, especially the students and their families, that the students will be treated with the utmost sensitivity so that they will not be affected adversely.