YOK Delivers Good News before Selection Period: Occupation Atlas and Selection List Added to YOK Atlas

June 22, 2019

The Higher Education Program Atlas (YOK Atlas), which was introduced by CoHE President Prof. Yekta Saraç on March 10, 2016, was brought into service at https://yokatlas.yok.gov.tr.

- 17 million 162 thousand people have used YOK Atlas so far

YOK Atlas, which was developed by the new student-friendly CoHE in order to help students take more conscious decisions while choosing their universities and professions and acts almost as a guidance teacher, has been used by 17 million 162 thousand people since its launch.

The system has become an essential source of information for selection periods

The system, which was first used during the 2016-OSYS process, has become the most important source of reference that was frequently used by university applicants during the 2018-YKS selection period, as it was used during the selection period in 2017.

When the selection periods of 2016, 2017 and 2018 are examined, it is revealed that YOK Atlas has become an essential source of information for university applicants and counsellors. 4 million 287 thousand people used the system during the selection period.

YOK Atlas introduces two new modules for the 2019 Selection Period

As the “Student-friendly New CoHE”, we added two new modules which we thought would be quite beneficial for executives and researchers in higher education as well as the candidates who will make their choices after the 2018 YKS Exam. These modules are as follows:

· Occupation Atlas

· Selection List

Candidates will be able to find all Information about their choice of occupation with the help of Occupation Atlas

In the Occupation Atlas Module, candidates will be able to filter the details of the 2018 quotas, placement and preference information of undergraduate and associate degree programs at the state and foundation universities, the universities in the TRNC and universities abroad that are listed in the Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide of OSYM.

For more information, click here. (In Turkish)

Here - https://www.yok.gov.tr/HaberBelgeleri/Haber/2019/59-YOK-Atlas-a-iki-yeni-modul/YOK_Atlas_a_iki_yeni_meslek-atlasi-modul-eklendi.pdf