CoHE Introduces Turkish Universities to the World with “One Click”

June 25, 2019

The Council of Higher Education (CoHE) opened the website with a new interface in order to help international students reach comprehensive information about the universities and higher education system in Turkey.

After CoHE’s decision to remove the quota limitation for international students last month, a new step was taken in order to introduce Turkish higher education and universities at international arena.

In this scope, the website, which has detailed information on all higher education institutions in Turkey, was updated in Turkish, English and Arabic.

The site includes information such as the visions, missions and activity fields of Turkish universities, the programs offered in Turkish and foreign languages at these universities, and their status in the world rankings. The opportunities offered to international students are also included on the website.

More than 700 videos were prepared in three languages

With the search engine developed for the website, it became easier for students to find the most suitable university for themselves as they could find information about the programs they are interested in by searching them according to medium of instruction, type of university, the province the university is located at or field of study.

In order to help international students find information about Turkish universities with ease, more than 700 videos were prepared in three languages for the website. Information such as faculties, programs, academic positions of Turkish universities, scholarships, tuition fees, accommodation, rules for application, acceptance and enrollment, transportation, as well as Turkey’s climate and cuisine can be found in these videos.

Under the project, it is expected that there will be an increase towards Turkish higher education institutions in terms of quality and quantity in the future.

"The number of international students has rocketed to 148 thousand"

In his statement, CoHE President Prof. Yekta Saraç noted that the number of international students in Turkey had rocketed from 48 thousand to 148 thousand in five years and said that this achievement was earned because of a series of arrangements and measures taken to increase the number of recognized universities by CoHE. He stated that the fact that CoHE realized the Study in Turkey Project was quite meaningful and important and pointed out “reliability” as the most preeminent factor.

“The fact that the brand ‘Study in Turkey’ is presented with the comprehensive web and assurance of CoHE is extremely important especially in terms of the reliability and reputation of the platform abroad,” he said.

“In a sense, CoHE has assumed the duty to introduce Turkish higher education system and institutions with this project. The second one is equality. Under the project, all universities in the Turkish higher education system are introduced to international students and institutions in a certain format. The third one is variety. Students, academics, executives, bureaucrats, and every individual who visit will find themselves in a world where information and news about our country, provinces, higher education and universities are offered with photos and videos.”

CoHE President Saraç emphasized that the website would sustain its proper and reliable structure through regular updates. “In fact, the project is a component of the ‘Target-Oriented Internationalization Project’ of the New CoHE. We are preparing some new arrangements in this direction. We also hope to realize these arrangements in a short span of time,” he said.