CoHE Publishes “Foundation Higher Education Institutions 2019” Report

July 2, 2019

The “New CoHE” published the report called “Foundation Higher Education Institutions” for the first time last year. The second report “ Foundation Higher Education Institutions 2019” which includes the academic, administrative and financial data on Turkish foundation higher education institutions has been published.

The report “Foundation Higher Education Institutions 2018”, which included the most comprehensive data on the foundation higher education institutions in our higher education system, was published by CoHE last year and was presented to the stakeholders and the public for the first time.

CoHE renewed the report by updating the information with the data for 2019 and presented the strong and weak points of the system. Some academic and financial data that were shared for the first time this year were also included in the new report.

It is observed that the improvements in the evaluation processes made for foundation higher education institutions by the “New CoHE” and legislative changes created positive results. It is believed that transparency and data sharing that are realized with the annual reports will produce more positive results than CoHE audits for the evaluation and improvement of the system.

Click here for the booklet of “Foundation Higher Education Institutions 2019”. (In Turkish)

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