Online Conference “Science, Technology and Development of Innovative Technologies” in Turkmenistan

The Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan are holding an online conference “Science, Technology and Development of Innovative Technologies”, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan, to be held in Ashgabat on June 12-13, 2021. The conference working languages are Turkmen, English and Russian. The conference subject area can be supplemented according to the proposals submitted by the participants.

Conference subjects are as follows:

1. Nanotechnology, chemical technologies, the study of new materials, power engineering and technical sciences;

2. Biotechnology, molecular biology, agriculture, ecology and genetics;

3. Information and communication systems, computer Technologies;

4. Contemporary medicine and Technologies for the production of remedy;

5. Innovative economy;

6. Humanities.

Scientists and specialists from the scientific centers, institutes and universities of foreign countries are invited to participate in this online conference. Detailed information on the conference is available at http://science.gov.tm.

An application for participation in the conference must be submitted before April 15, 2021 to the following email addresses: