• Documents by the Equivalence Office



Certificate of Equivalence: is the official document showing the equivalent field of study and level of the requested diploma to the Turkish higher education.



The Certificate of Equivalence is required in the following cases;


  • Turkish citizens who graduated from associate, undergraduate or graduate programs (master's degree only) of foreign universities,
  • Foreign nationals who have graduated from an undergraduate, graduate or master's degree program in a foreign university, and wish to start master's or a doctorate degree education, or wish to work in the field of healthcare.


Certificate of Recognition: is an official document showing the degree of graduation of the applicant from a recognized higher education program and the foreign institution but which does not carry the qualifications of the "certificate of equivalence."



The Certificate of Recognition is required in the following cases;


  • Applicants who will not do the profession in Turkey with the required Certificate of Recognition,
  • The applicants who have graduated from a recognized degree of HEI and program abroad but whose graduation is not equivalent to the programs in Turkey,
  • The applicants who are in urgent need of a certificate indicating that they have graduated from higher education during the equivalence proceedings.


HEI Recognition Letter: is the official letter informing that whether any foreign HEI has been recognized by the CoHE.