Meeting on “Further Expansions to Improve the Quality of Engineering Education in Turkey”


March 28, 2017/Ankara



The meeting entitled "Further Expansions to Improve the Quality of Engineering Education in Turkey" was held with the participation of the deans from the faculties of engineering in order to discuss the quality of engineering education in Turkey thoroughly before the 33rd meeting of Engineering Deans Council.


CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç, CoHE Deputy President Prof. Hasan Mandal, CoHE Quality Board President Prof. Orhan Uzun and the deans from the faculties of engineering of which are the members of the Engineering Deans Council (MDK), under the presidency of MDK Secretary General Prof. Süheyda Atalay, attended the meeting held at the Council of Higher Education.





CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç and Engineering Deans Council Secretary General Prof. Süheyda Atalay both made a speech in the opening of the meeting.


CoHE President Saraç started his speech by saying that they, as the new CoHE, pay attention to quality-driven growth in higher education as they have mentioned on several occasions. He noted that they took important decisions and that they even realized the decisions quickly.


CoHE President emphasized that the Council of Higher Education acts in a "dynamic" manner that accords with the "living, fast-growing and dynamic" nature of the higher education system. He stated that they never make grand plans such as the "Reform Package in Higher Education" that will drag on due to lack of legislative regulations.




President Saraç noted they preferred to quickly realize approaches that are focused on the needs and solutions but also affect the future greatly. He talked about the activities they have carried out during their term of duty.


CoHE President noted that the most important initiatives taken to make a structural change within this scope were the activities aimed at forming a Quality Board and the specialization based on mission differentiation and continued:


"Engineering education is currently offered in 78 types of about 1.300 programs in 180 engineering faculties of 165 universities in our country and nearly 30.000-35.000 people graduate from these faculties every year. If we were to take a look at the figures across the globe, we can see that there are about 6500 engineering faculties and the number of graduates is around 2-2.5 million. This means that there is a cut-throat competition in the globalizing world. We hope to have engineering graduates that can compete and get hired not only in the region and Turkey, but also in the world. One of the key indicators of education quality in engineering faculties is considered to be the employment, career development and perception of graduates in the society and industry. Besides, the quality of education received by the students during their period of study and the values the university, faculty and related program contributed to the students are measured by the compliance of the training services of higher education institutions with the global standards."





CoHE President said that they discussed the related topics on engineering education with the participation of 171 deans in the same hall two years before, and continued, "After that meeting, we tried to do our duty as the Council of Higher Education to improve the processes regarding the planning of quotas and implementation of base score after evaluating your opinions and suggestions. We will continue to take steps in order to improve the quality of engineering education while keeping in close touch with you."





President Saraç concluded his speech by saying that he wanted to express how CoHE would gladly do its part about the topics "Minimum standards and evaluation and monitoring process during the establishment of engineering faculties and programs", "Creating a core curriculum (Core Training Program-ÇEP) for engineering programs" and "Competency Exam in Engineering" which were worked on by the Engineering Deans Council and presented to CoHE as a report.


Click here to read the full transcript of the speech made by CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç. (in Turkish)



After the opening speeches, the event continued with the presentations under the title "Further Expansions to Improve the Quality of Engineering Education in Turkey".





Prof. Günay Anlaş made a presentation entitled "Minimum Standards and Evaluation and Monitoring Process during the Establishment of Engineering Faculties and Programs".





Prof. Süheyda Atalay made a presentation entitled "Core Training Program in Engineering Programs".





Prof. Berna Dengiz made a presentation entitled "Competency Exam in Engineering".







After the presentations, the participants asked questions about the presentations in the question and answer session.