Meeting of Council of Deans of Faculties of Medicine Takes Place at CoHE

May 11, 2017 / Ankara


The Council of Higher Education held the "Meeting of Council of Deans of Faculties of Medicine" with the participation of the deans of the relevant faculties in order to discuss all aspects of the education offered in the faculties of medicine of state and foundation higher education institutions in Turkey.


CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç attended the meeting which was held for the first time at CoHE. CoHE Deputy President Prof. M. İ. Safa Kapıcıoğlu and CoHE officials as well as the deans of the faculties of medicine participated in the meeting.


CoHE President Saraç made the opening speech of the meeting. He began his speech by saying that the most important function of university hospitals is that they support academic excellence in teaching and research in addition to their service.


CoHE President Saraç said that they expected young doctors to make an effort to provide service, be decision makers and know the whole world, especially the society they serve in, inside out. He said, "Our doctors should know the health problems of Turkish people when they complete their education. They should be equipped with knowledge, skills and manners to overcome these problems right after they graduate from the faculties of medicine."


President Saraç added that the faculties of medicine follow the scientific developments that take place in the field of education in both Turkey and in the world closely. He also noted that these schools update their programs.


President Saraç said that they were aware of the challenges and emphasized that the primary goal of the "New CoHE" was not to compromise on quality especially in education.


CoHE President said that the two other important concepts that are expected from the faculties of medicine are service and research at a high level.


"There are a total of 100 faculties of medicine in Turkey. 73 of them are in state universities and 27 of them are in foundation universities. 84 of them are active. The others have been established but have not started to offer education yet. The number of students in these faculties is 75.000. The number of faculty members is around 13.000.


We know that the newly-established faculties are facing difficulties. Our developed universities need to earnestly review their doctoral programs, especially in the fields of fundamental sciences. We are ready to give the support needed during this process.


Turkey has one of the best medical education in the world. Our studies appear in the best journals of the world and Turkish universities, which have faculties of medicine, are proud of the number of the publications their faculties have and the quality of their faculties. With that in mind, I believe that we can all take big steps in the developing fields."


CoHE President Saraç concluded his speech by saying that CoHE would accept the outputs of the meeting and the suggestions of the participants as expert opinions that have to be taken into consideration.


Click here to read the full transcript of the speech made by CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç. (in Turkish)


After the opening speech, CoHE Deputy President Prof. M. İ. Safa Kapıcıoğlu also made a speech.


Prof. Tarık Tihan, faculty member of the Faculty of Medicine at Koç University, made a presentation entitled "Quality Management Implementations in Selecting Contents, Formats and Evaluation Methods in Medical Education".


After the speeches, a question and answer session was held under the chairmanship of CoHE Deputy President Prof. M. İ. Safa Kapıcıoğlu.


In the question and answer session, the issue of increasing the quality of pre-graduate and graduate education in the faculties of medicine was discussed in addition to vocational competence and employment of graduates.