Information Meeting on Compulsory Internship Program for Science and Engineering Undergraduate Programs Organized at CoHE

September 20, 2017 / Ankara


Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Dr. Faruk Özlü and CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç met with the rectors of Turkish universities in order to discuss the internship programs that students receiving education in science and engineering undergraduate programs in higher education institutions should complete according to Article 19 of the Law on the Amendments of Some Laws and Decree Laws for the Promotion of Industrial Development and Production.


Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, Deputy President of CoHE, Prof. Dr. M. İ. Safa Kapıcıoğlu, Deputy President of CoHE, CoHE members, officials from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, officials from CoHE, university rectors and the deans of the faculties of the related departments attended the meeting which was held at the Conference Hall of the Council of Higher Education.


CoHE President Saraç and Minister Özlü both made a speech in the opening of the meeting.


CoHE President Saraç started his speech by saying that R&D is one of the most important processes that will make Turkey one of the 10 biggest economies of the world by 2023 in the global competition.


CoHE President noted that the approach in R&D-driven process was linked to the competition and information superiority of institutions and the human resources that have produced and developed this information in these institutions until the 2000s. He said that the success of institutions in the competition depended on the sharing of information that would be produced and the cooperation of the human resources, which would produce this information, with both their institutions and other institutions after the 2000s.


President Saraç stated that Turkey's goals for 2023 could only be achieved with knowledge and qualified human resources and said, "Higher education institutions need to be more transparent, accountable and take more responsibility at all levels. CoHE started to be organized according to these principles."


CoHE President added that the next stage of the horizontal growth process, which has taken place in Turkish higher education system in the last 10 years, was growth in terms of quality and said, "However, we all know that we are in need of an organization aimed at output process more than input process if we want to take part in the global competition."


He talked about the arrangements they have made during his term of duty and said:


"Turkish academia has been waiting for these arrangements for many years. As the new CoHE, we had previously made preparations for these arrangements. We shared these arrangements with the Minister during his visit to CoHE on February 8, 2017. He said that our proposals were suitable for the purpose and scope of the Production Reform Package. Afterwards, these arrangements were published in the Official Gazette on July 1, 2017. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him. In addition, the Ministry and the bureaucrats of our institution have worked in a harmony in order for these arrangements to be put into practice in a short period of time. I would like to express my most sincere thanks to you and your staff through you.


Our projects that were implemented with the strategic approach of the new CoHE show that Turkish higher education will not be disregarded. They contribute to the reshaping of Turkish higher education in a scientific and rational manner."


CoHE President Saraç pointed out that CoHE was trying its best to reconstruct higher education with concepts such as quality, specialization, priority fields and qualified doctoral degrees and concluded his speech by saying that the success and sustainability of the process could only be possible with the contribution and cooperation of all relevant stakeholders.


Click here to read the full transcript of the speech made by CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç. (In Turkish)


Dr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, started his speech by wishing good luck to academics and students for the new academic year and said that he thought they needed to work with universities when he first took office.


Minister Özlü said that he told CoHE President Saraç that the Ministry needed to work with the Council of Higher Education and noted that it was how they initiated the process for the Production Reform Package.


Minister Özlü emphasized that the path for science, industry and technology should start with education. He extended his thanks to CoHE Deputy President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, all CoHE officials and, to CoHE President Saraç in particular, for their contributions for the creation of the Production Reform Package.


Minister Faruk Özlü emphasized that qualified people were essential for all technological developments and added that it was not possible to produce valuable outputs with incompetent staff.


He noted that the duty of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology was to contribute to education and support CoHE in the cooperation between universities and the industry. He underlined the fact that the Department of Science and Technology Education was established within the Ministry for that purpose.


Minister Özlü said that the share of high-tech products in the manufacturing industry of Turkey was four percent and that the share of the European Union countries was twenty percent. He emphasized the scientific capacity must be increased and universities that produce information must be established in order to carry out more qualified projects.


He emphasized that universities should produce information and that the produced information should be transformed into technology in order to ensure the cooperation between universities and the industry and that it was vital to implement this technology into the industry.


He said that they hoped for a university model focused on employment and that they wanted to work in cooperation with the Council of Higher Education in that field. He concluded his speech by saying that the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology would support all efforts of the Council of Higher Education.


After the speeches, CoHE Deputy President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal made a presentation on the topic.


Following the presentation, CoHE President Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç and Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Dr. Faruk Özlü had a question and answer session with the participants.


In the question and answer session, both sides exchanged views on science, technology and industry as well as their opinions on compulsory internship program for science and engineering undergraduate programs.