Conference Entitled “Future Of The State – State of the Future: Projections on Turkish State Tradition in The 21st Century” Held


March 24, 2017 / Istanbul



The Council of Higher Education organized a conference entitled "Future of the State – State of the Future: Projections on Turkish State Tradition in the 21st Century" with the aim of evaluating the accumulation of thoughts about the notion of the state and the tradition of administration that was shaped until today throughout the human history and analyzing the founding and descriptive framework of an effective, functional and powerful management pattern that will bring Turkey to the 21st century and onwards. Prof. Ayhan Bıçak, academic in the Faculty of Letters at Istanbul University, attended the conference as a speaker.





In addition to Prof. Hayati Develi, member of CoHE, Prof. Gülfettin Çelik, Audit Board President of CoHE, and some CoHE officials; rectors, deans and academics of the universities in Istanbul and neighboring cities and graduate students and research assistants also participated in the conference held in the CoHE Building in Istanbul.





Key issues such as the reorganization of the state, the establishment of the relation between the state and society, the institutional guidelines effective management patterns will comply to and the functionalization of representation, which are the hot topics in the international arena and Turkey during this period, were discussed in the conference.





Participants tried to contribute to the search for an alternative model academically and intellectually with the conference in which these current problems were discussed on an analytical level with reference to the historical, social, intellectual and scientific knowledge of humanity and our country.





Prof. Ayhan Bıçak touched on the basic elements that define the notion of the state and discussed the methods used to define the concept of state within the tradition of philosophy and thinking in his speech.


In this context, Bıçak followed the intellectual path of state and management-oriented knowledge that reaches out from the traditional world to the modern times and pointed out the fundamental problems, dilemmas and the characteristic features of the modern state, marking the modern state as the ultimate point reached in the context of the forms of governments of mankind and the organization of political power.





Prof. Ayhan Bıçak made projections on the future formation of the modern state based on both the fundamental dilemmas and the potential problems that the modern society will encounter in the future. He also talked about his findings on the basic institutional regulations of the state model that will bring Turkey into the future based on the opportunities, principles and values that the tradition of thinking of the Turkish state.





In the last part of the conference, Prof. Ayhan Bıçak answered the questions of the participants about the topic.