CoHE President Participates in R&D Collaboration Summit


May 3, 2017 / Istanbul



The International R&D Collaboration Summit and Fair took place at Hotel Pullman Istanbul Airport Convention Center on May 3-5, 2017, under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.


The "R&D Collaboration Summit and Fair", which was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and National Resources, Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Administration of Turkey of the Ministry of Health, TÜBİTAK, Undersecretariat for Defence Industries and Council of Higher Education, was opened with the participation of Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç, President of the Council of Higher Education, Yusuf Coşkun, Deputy Minister of Development, and Hasan Ali Çelik, Deputy Minister of Science, Industry and Technology.


CoHE President Saraç, who made the opening speech of the summit, stated that R&D is one of the most important processes of Turkey towards becoming one of the 10 biggest economies of the world by 2023 in the global competition.


CoHE President said that it could only be achieved with knowledge and qualified human resources and emphasized that this situation makes it necessary to have a competitive higher education system on a global scale.


President Saraç underlined that they started to shape CoHE on a more transparent and accountable base and said, "With the global developments in the field of higher education, topics such as the increase in the number and diversity of higher education institutions, new technologies used in learning methods and various learning methods, national and international collaborations, student mobility, employment of graduates and university rankings now require higher education institutions to be more transparent, accountable and take more responsibility at all levels especially starting from the beginning of 2000s.


President Saraç said that Turkey has the second largest number of students in the European Higher Education Area and said;


"As of today, there are a total of 182 higher education institutions. 111 of them are state universities, 65 of them are foundation higher education institutions and six of them are foundation vocational schools. The number of our students has reached 7.313.403. This figure made us the country with the second largest number of students in the European Higher Education Area.


The next stage of this growth process, which took place in our higher education system in the last 10 years, is growth in terms of quality. This is the first goal of the new CoHE. Within this scope, there are many new and innovative initiatives aimed at input and process-oriented improvements that the Higher Education Council has carried out with all relevant stakeholders in the last 2 years and shared with the public.


In this context, the most important initiatives taken to make a structural change are the establishment of a quality board and the specialization based on mission differentiation.


CoHE President stated that they realized the "100/2000 CoHE Doctoral Program" project, which will be the first in the history of higher education and was shared with the public in order to provide qualified human resources. He underlined that the project is actually the project of Turkey for 2023 in terms of scope and purpose.


President Saraç said that the Turkish higher education has started to improve noticeably and ended his speech by saying that CoHE was trying to reconstruct higher education with concepts such as quality, specialization, priority areas and qualified doctorate as well as the scientific power of universities.


Click here to read the full transcript of the speech made by CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç. (in Turkish)


After the opening meeting of the Summit, CoHE President Sarac and people who accompanied him visited the stands in the fair.