CoHE Introduces “Awards for Excellence” in Academia

May 13, 2017


CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç said that they had been working to promote studies and implementations related to scientific activities and supported or conducted scientific research and development projects which were carried out with unique, innovative and superior scientific research suited for the mission of higher education.


In this context, Saraç noted that they aimed to encourage and disseminate good practices in accordance with the strategies for higher education with the "CoHE Awards for Excellence" which CoHE will grant for the first time. He said that they will grant the awards under two titles, which are individual awards and institutional awards, and in seven categories in total.


President Saraç stated that instructor-student relationship would be highlighted for the first time in Turkey and doctoral students and their advisors would be awarded together for the award in doctoral dissertation category.




Under the title of "Individual Awards":


"Award for Doctoral Dissertation of the Year" will be granted.


Individual awards will be granted one for each field for three doctoral dissertations in the fields of:


· Science and engineering sciences

· Health sciences

· Social and human sciences


Doctoral students and their advisors will receive these awards together.


Under the title of "Institutional Awards":


They will be granted one for each category in the categories of:


· Award for Public Service

· Award for International Cooperation

· Award for University-Industry Cooperation

· Award for Contribution to Local Development


The awards under this title will emphasize the leading role of universities for society.


A first in the history of CoHE


Saraç emphasized that it would be a first in the history of the Council of Higher Education and that they had been attaching particular importance on innovation with the studies they had been conducting recently.


Saraç stated that they would meticulously determine the people and institutions that would receive the awards and stated that they would establish special commissions for each award for that purpose.


CoHE President Saraç said that CoHE would take into consideration the scientific criteria and innovation as well as the contributions in the economic, social and cultural fields while evaluating the applications. He noted that limiting the number of the awards to seven and granting only one award for each field reflected the selective and elitist view of CoHE.


Saraç stated that CoHE is planning to grant the awards in the opening ceremony of the "Higher Education Academic Year" event which will be held with the participation of all rectors in the Presidential Complex in Beştepe.


The procedures and principles regarding the "CoHE Awards for Excellence", which will be granted by CoHE, were published in the Official Gazette dated 13/05/2017.


Click here for the fact sheet on the "Regulation for CoHE Awards for Excellence".


Source: AA