“Workshop On Trainıng Resident Physicians In Medicine” Takes Place At CoHE

May 16, 2017 / Ankara


The Council of Higher Education organized the "Workshop on Training Resident Physicians in Medicine" in order to discuss the postgraduate education at the faculties of medicine in state and foundation higher education institutions in Turkey.


The workshop was held with the participation of CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç for the first time at CoHE. In addition to CoHE Deputy President Prof. M. İ. Safa Kapıcıoğlu and CoHE officials, resident representatives of the faculties of medicine and training and research hospitals of state and foundation higher education institutions, officials from the Ministry of Health, Public Hospitals Administration and Forensic Medicine Institute also attended the workshop.


CoHE and resident representatives exchanged views on the improvement of education after graduation in the faculties of medicine, problems and proposals for solutions and CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç made an opening speech.


CoHE President Saraç stated that the Council of Higher Education supported academic excellence in education and service and added that the most important concepts that the new CoHE treasured were quality and academic excellence.


President Sarac stated that the Council of Higher Education had been following productive education reforms aimed at education and emphasized that the goals of the Council of Higher Education were to train proficient doctors who protect the health of the individuals and the society by putting the value attributed to humans in the center, examine their patients, know their country well and are warmhearted.


President Saraç said that the other two important concepts that CoHE expected from the institutions, where residency training was offered, were services and research at a high level. He said, "We stipulated the condition of being among the first 40.000 students in order to enroll in the faculties of medicine for the purpose of emphasizing the qualifications required for the smooth operation of education, research and service. We received positive feedback after this regulation was implemented."


CoHE President emphasized that the faculties of medicine should strive to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical research carried out in Turkey by bringing the "real" research centers to the forefront and said:


"Contributing to the health of patients by examining them is not the only career plan of all the doctors we have trained so far. We are proud of many Turkish researchers who are originally doctors trained in Turkey and abroad. For this reason, we also care about the studies and programs the Turkish Faculty staff is carrying out at the institutes. Apart from residency training, we also try to support health related doctoral fields. The new 100/2000 doctoral scholarship project is one of the examples.


Interdisciplinary research with the other research units of the same university in the field of R&D is a collaboration that we attach importance to in this context. For example, clinical trials for refugees in Turkey can lead to partnerships in social sciences. Environmental studies, another current topic, are a topic that all fields of science can work on together. We believe that such cooperation will be reflected on education and will contribute to the knowledge of all graduates and help them understand the problems related to their country and the world.


There are a total of 100 faculties of medicine in Turkey. 73 of them are in state universities and 27 of them are in foundation universities. 84 of them are active. The others have been established but have not started to offer education yet. The number of students in these faculties is 75.000. The number of faculty members is around 13.000."


CoHE President concluded his speech by saying that he hoped for the meeting to be a guide for young resident physicians in the fields they want to advance.


Click here to read the full transcript of the speech made by CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç. (in Turkish)


After the speech of CoHE President Saraç, CoHE Deputy President Prof. M. İ. Safa Kapıcıoğlu made a presentation on the topic.


Dr. Abdullah Ağın, Resident Representative of the Faculty of Medicine at Hacettepe University, informed the participants about the workshop.


Following the briefing, ten different working groups had round table meetings as part of the workshop program.


Dr. Mustafa Akkaya, attending physician at Yenimahalle Training and Research Hospital, Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, evaluated the results of the survey carried out online for the resident physicians who are receiving residency training before the workshop.


The survey, which was carried out online with 1145 resident physicians, who are receiving medical residency training, in order to increase the quality of postgraduate education, is one of the surveys with a high level of participation. The resident physicians were asked various questions about the educational activities, dissertation studies, scientific and professional work and living conditions as well as information related to their institutions.


At the end of the workshop, CoHE Deputy President Prof. M. İ. Safa Kapıcıoğlu conducted an assessment meeting on the workshop where the reports received from the working groups were discussed.