CoHE President Meets Ambassador of Kazakhstan

April 5, 2018 / Ankara


CoHE President Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç met with Abzal Saparbekuly, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Ankara.





They exchanged views on the relations between Turkey and Kazakhstan in the field of higher education in the meeting that took place at CoHE.


They also agreed to work on promoting the relations in higher education between the two countries in every field.







CoHE President Meets Ambassador of Belarus


April 4, 2018/Ankara


CoHE President Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç met with Andrei V. Savinykh, Ambassador of Belarus to Ankara.





They exchanged views on the relations between Turkey and Belarus in the field of higher education in the meeting that took place at CoHE.


They also agreed to work on promoting the relations in higher education between the two countries in every field.






General Hulusi Akar Meets Rectors at CoHE

March 23, 2018 / Ankara


General Hulusi Akar, Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces, paid a visit to CoHE in order to make a presentation entitled "Turkey and the World: Security Policies and Education".


The rectors of all universities, administrators from the fields of political sciences and international relations, and related academics attended the conference held at CoHE Conference Hall.


Prior to the conference, he signed the Book of Honor of CoHE, which was placed at the entrance of the Office of CoHE President, and met with CoHE President Saraç.


After the meeting, the conference entitled "Turkey and the World: Security Policies and Education" took place at CoHE Conference Hall.


Speaking at the opening of the conference, CoHE President Saraç stated that Turkey has been improving in every area and that the New CoHE and Turkish universities have been carrying out projects that will promote the development goals of Turkey. He also emphasized that the Turkish Armed Forces is one of the most important stakeholders that aim to make Turkey a powerful country.


CoHE President Saraç noted that the Turkish nation wholeheartedly supported the Turkish army during the process and said, " This struggle is not just the struggle of the Turkish people. It also gives hope to the oppressed and exploited people living in the region. We need to express it with the concept, which started to be forgotten, directly and without hesitation. It is only possible for the region to be at peace if imperialists leave these lands to their true owners. "


CoHE President Saraç noted that only the armies of a few countries had integrated with their people and that the Turkish army could not be considered as an entity different that the Turkish nation, but rather as part of the nation. "This nation becomes a whole only with its army. The reputation of the Turkish army in the eyes of the Turkish nation is not only the result of the victories won in the battlefields, but also the result of the unity between the army and nation during peacetime. The victories of the Turkish army is good news for the oppressed. The victories of the Turkish soldiers do not bring blood and tears as the victories of the imperialist powers do. They bring peace and hope to the oppressed nations. We do believe that those who arrived by ships and planes that can shoot from tens of thousands of kilometers away to impose on these lands will surely go back to their countries one day, leaving behind destroyed cities, people that they have hurt, including children, and pride tarnished with torture and cruelty. We believe that their claims are empty just like their entity and that they are bound to disappear," he said.


President Saraç stated that the Turkish Armed Forces was making history with the Operation Olive Branch beyond the border and said, "Today, a hundred years after the end of World War 2, Turkey is putting up a fight against the new plans, which do not provide any solutions and bring nothing but pain to the people in the Middle East, in a turbulent region that was created with maps prepared on table."


He emphasized that the Turkish academic community must be in cooperation with the Turkish Armed Forces, as needed, to either create security policies for our country or carry out R&D studies aimed at the defense industry of Turkey and said,


"We have to carry out a versatile and multidisciplinary study to make accurate decisions at all steps aimed at the security processes of our country. It is known that the fight against terrorist organizations are not limited to the field of military, as seen in the Operation Olive Branch which is being carried out by the Turkish Army successfully. Academic studies to be carried out with the support of different disciplines such as psychology, sociology, political science, international relations and history will contribute to the effectiveness of public policy of Turkey in the field of security. We see that powerful countries support the construction of processes such as foreign and security policy with academic studies, reports and international meetings. We also aim for the Turkish academic community to contribute more to the active representation of our country in the international arena.


I would like to underline that another important role of the academic community in this process is to train young people filled with "devotion to their countries" who are working to create a powerful country for the future. It is our duty to keep our youth from being influenced by terrorist organizations. Our education should have universal and scientific competence, underline the importance of our national values, and teach the history, vision and unity of these lands to Turkish youth. The virtuous and conscientious youth who can use education to fight against all kinds of organizations that threaten the integrity of our country will also shape the future of our country. "


CoHE President Saraç said that they had been trying to recover from the damages caused by the terrorist organization, which had infiltrated into Turkish universities, after the treacherous coup attempt that took place on July 15, 2016 and emphasized that they restored the peace and security in universities.


He underlined that the support of the academics working in the field of security for the creation of effective public policies had become much more important than before during that process and said, "The indirect relations between the academic community and the Turkish Armed Forces have also been carried out on many different levels in the field of defense industry. We have recently taken critical and important steps for the cooperation of ASELSAN-Universities and TAI-Universities regarding the assignment of the staff with academic qualifications in defense projects and the nationalization and successful completion of critical technologies in defense industry."


He noted that they organized the conference to support the exchange of views between the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish universities in order to achieve the goal of making Turkey stronger. He said that the ideas of General Hulusi Akar would guide Turkish academics, mentioning how it would contribute to the birth of new ideas for both constructing public policies in security and strengthening the defense industry.


He stated that they wholeheartedly believed everyone would conduct academic studies that would contribute to the process and concluded by saying that CoHE was ready to coordinate and facilitate the process.


Click here to read the full transcript of the speech made by CoHE President Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç. (In Turkish)


After the speech, General Hulusi Akar, Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces, made a presentation entitled "Turkey and Security".


Following the completion of the presentation consisting of two parts, namely theoretical and practical framework, CoHE President Saraç presented a plaque to General Hulusi Akar.


CoHE President Saraç presented General Hulusi Akar with Mehmet Tahir's three-volume book, a book series that Saraç edited himself, entitled "Ottoman Authors" which introduces the Ottoman scholars that produced works on disciplines such as history, literature, medicine, mathematics and geometry.


After the conference, General Hulusi Akar and Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç answered the questions of the participants in a question and answer session.



Statement Regarding the Incident That Took Place at Boğaziçi University



The Council of Higher Education considers that it is necessary to make a statement regarding some media reports, comments and statements on the incident that took place at Boğaziçi Campus two days ago.


The Council of Higher Education contacted the Rector's Office of Boğaziçi University on March 19, 2018, the date of the worrying incident at Boğaziçi University that left a deep scar on the national sensibility of the Turkish nation, and obtained information regarding the incident. It is important to note that the Rector's Office initiated disciplinary procedures for the matter.


Additionally, necessary measures, including legislative amendments, are to be determined with university rectors as early as possible in order to prevent the recurrence of such events that have aroused indignation in the society. We have initiated the process.


The Turkish academic community wholly shares the sensibility of our noble nation.



Final Report of Workshop on Internship in Medical Training (20.03.2018)

Click here for the report of the Workshop on Internship in Medical Training. (In Turkish)