Event Entitled “Travellers in Ottoman Lands-The Botanical Legacy”

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Draft Programme

List of Thesis Topics For Assistant Specialists Who Will Complete Their Second Year Starting From the End of September 2016 (21.09.2016)

The thesis topics are as follows:


- Amendments Made in the Higher Education Legislation and Problem of the Outdated Legislation and Solution Offers

- Problems and Solutions Offers Regarding the Application of the Code of Higher Education Personnel no. 2914 to Faculty Members

- Training Faculty Members Abroad – Review of Law no. 2547 and no. 1416

- The Effect of Criminal Proceeding on Disciplinary Proceeding


- Stages of Criminal Proceeding in Higher Education

- Intellectual Property Right on Postgraduate Thesis in Turkey

- Criminal and Disciplinary Proceeding within the Scope of Law no. 2547, Legal Value of Decisions Taken as a Result of the Proceeding and Legal Remedy Regarding These Decisions

- Principles Used as a Base During the Placements to the Higher Education and Comparison with the Examples in the world


- Higher Education in the Digitalized Era


- Qualified Specialist for the Council of Higher Education – The Qualified Council of Higher Education Institution: Training Qualified Assistant Specialists for the Council of Higher Education Institution


Closed Military Higher Education Institutions

Click here to view Procedures and principles regarding the placement procedures of students of the military higher education institutions closed down pursuant to the Decree Law no. 669

Admission Requirements for Air Force Academy

You can click here to view the application and admission requirements for the Air Force Academy for university students who want to study in the Air Force Academy in compliance with the precautions taken within the scope of Decree Law no. 669 and no. 671.

Good News to Students About “E-Registration" (09.09.2016)

In the CoHE General Assembly dated 07.09.2016, procedures that would be applied to those who couldn't register using the E-state Gate during the 2016 ÖSYS e-registration and those who registered through the pre-registration systems of the universities were discussed. It was decided that registrations of the students who registered using the above mentioned methods would be accepted. They need to apply to the related higher education institution.

Results of Second Level of 2016 Placement Test Announced

The results of the second level of the 2016 Placement Test can be found in the following address: https://yoksis.yok.gov.tr/DenklikSinavSonuclari/

South Korea International Diplomatic Scholarship Program (26.08.2016)

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies will accept three Turkish students for the Bachelor's program through the International Diplomatic Scholarship Program (IDS) for the 2017 Spring term.

You can view the brochure and application form from the following links:
Brochure Application Form

For more information, please visit the official website.

Selection Period for Students of Closed Higher Education Institutions Extended (25.08.2016)

The deadline for the selection procedures has been postponed to August 29, 2016, 11.59 p.m.

Announcement for Students Who Want to Study in Foreign Higher Education Institutions (25.08.2016)

In order for the diplomas received from foreign higher education institutions to be valid in Turkey,  a Certificate of Equivalence must be issued with the approval of the Council of Higher Education (CoHE).

Higher Education Institutions in Turkey             

The higher education institutions in Turkey are established pursuant to Article 130 of the constitution and the Higher Education Law no. 2547. Institutions that were not established pursuant to the law are illegal. Therefore, the documents issued by these institutions are invalid in Turkey. No diploma equivalence will be given to diplomas taken from these institutions.              

Studying in a Higher Education Institution in Another Country

Some intermediary institutions state in their advertisements that some universities in foreign countries are recognized by CoHE. The accuracy of such information must be checked through CoHE.
CoHE evaluates the higher education institutions in foreign countries constantly and sometimes decides not to recognize some universities which were recognized in the previous years. The rights of the students who started studying in these unrecognized universities before the decision has been made are reserved. However, students who started studying in these universities after the decision will not receive the Certificate of Equivalence. Therefore, the student has to submit a petition to the Equivalence Unit of CoHe in order to clarify the current status of the university and the program the student will apply to.        

Open Learning and Distance Learning in a Foreign Country

Applications for the recognition of the diplomas received from open education and external education that lie beyond the scope of distance learning and are carried out in a foreign country are rejected.

Turkish Education in a Foreign Country

Applications for the recognition of the diplomas received from programs taught in Turkish excluding the programs specified to be taught in Turkish under the international agreements of which Turkey is a party and Turkish Higher Education Institutions in foreign countries that are recognized by CoHE (Hoca Ahmet Yesevi International Turkish-Kazakh University, Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University) are rejected.

Recognition of the Foreign Higher Education Diplomas

According to the provisions stated in the Regulation on Recognition and Equivalence of Foreign Higher Education Diplomas, in case deficiency is determined and/or any doubt arises regarding the program, where the applicant graduated from, compared to the equivalent program in the Turkish higher education system in line with the opinions and suggestions of the related sub-commissions and/or higher education institutions in terms of the fundamental achievements, medium of instruction, qualification of the program, compulsory theoretical and applied courses, compulsory internships and projects, those involved are subject to SYBS procedures (Bachelor's Degree Completion, Placement Test, Foreign Language Exam (YDS), etc.), of which the structure, procedure and principles are defined by Council of Higher Education, in respect to the deficient and/or ineligible theoretical and applied courses and compulsory internships and projects.

Announcement for Students Who Want to Study Abroad (25.08.2016)

It was decided that decisions regulating the conditions for starting to study in a higher education institution abroad (Decision no. 2015.02.48 taken at the CoHE General Assembly dated 12.05.2015, Decision no. 2015.22.2937 taken at the CoHE General Assembly dated May 27.05.2015 and Decision no. 2015.15.526 taken at the CoHE General Assembly dated 27.05.2015) would be retracted at the CoHE General Assembly held on July 28, 2016.

IDB Award (25.08.2016)

IDB established an award in order to promoto the contribution of women living in the member countries of IDB to the social and economic development. A theme for the Award is determined each year. This year, the award will be given to the works which will be based on the theme "Women's Conribution to the Prevention and Control of Cancer". You can find more information on the award on the official website of the Islamic Development Bank (http://www.isdb.org) The application deadline is November 30, 2016.

Announcement on Transition to University Exam for Students Studying in the 12th Grade of Military Schools (24.08.2016)

- Students who will graduate from military schools in the 2015-2016 school year will take the Transition to University Exam which will be conducted by the Measuring, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).

- Students can apply to ÖSYM between August 25-29, 2016.

- Military school graduates whose TR identity numbers were reported to ÖSYM by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) can apply to this exam if they couldn't get into the 2016 ÖSYS.

- The exam will be held in one session in Ankara and Istanbul on September 4, 2016.

You can find more information about the exam in the application guide which will be released by ÖSYM.

IDB Islamic Economy Award (22.08.2016)

The 2017 Islamic Economy Award will be awarded by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).
You can find more information on the award in the attached documents and on the official website of the Islamic Development Bank (http://www.isdb.org). The application deadline is November 1, 2016.

Attached Document (19 pages)

The International Students of the Closed Foundation Universities that were Closed within the Scope of the Decree Law no. 667 (25.08.2016)

The International Students of the Closed Universities are placed at the Coordinating Universities and the programs of which the International Students were registered are also offered by the Coordinating Universities, the students will continue to study in these programs.


If the program is not offered by the Coordinating University, International Students will make their selections and the Coordinating University will report the selections to the Council of Higher Education. The Council of Higher Education will make the placement for these students at another higher education institution based on their selection.

The list of the Closed Universities and the Coordinating Universities is enclosed. The International Students need to contact their Coordinating Universities for all procedures outlined above.


Click here to see The list of the Closed Universities and the Coordinating Universities


Announcement on Registration Procedures for Bachelor's Degree Completion in Health Sciences (18.08.2016)

In case associate degree students who graduated from closed universities and want to have a Bachelor's Degree in health sciences couldn't obtain the documents needed for registration (diplomas and transcripts) during the registration period, they are allowed to register by using "Graduation Documents" obtained via e-state.

Students who registered using "Graduation Documents" should provide their information and documents from the coordinating universities and submit these documents to the higher institution they enrolled in. The registration of the students who submitted false information will be cancelled.

Results of Assistant Specialist Interviews Dated June 28, 2016 (18.08.2016)

Click here to view the results.

E-Registration Deadline for Universities Extended (16.08.2016)

Electronic registration (e-registration) deadline has been extended to August 18, 11.59 p.m.


The deadline for the in-person registrations is August 19.


Around 320.000 students have registered using the e-registration system so far.

Announcement on 2016 ÖSYS Registration Procedures of Students Who Couldn’t Graduate from Secondary Education Institutions (11.08.2016)

An applicant who gained the right to enroll in a higher education program but has to take a makeup exam in order to graduate from his/her secondary education institution can register in the higher education institution temporarily in the specified dates. Once the applicant submits the document related to the graduation to the higher education institution until December 30, 2016, he/she will be registered as a permanent student. If the applicant can't submit that document, his/her registration will be canceled and the applicant who couldn't have himself/herself registered temporarily in the specified dates won't be registered into the higher education institution.


2016 – 2017 Academic Year University Registration and Additional Placement Dates

The university registration and additional placement dates for 2016-2017 Academic Year are as follows:


Online Registration: 12 – 16 August 2016


Registration (In person): 15 – 19 August 2016


Additional Placement Selection Procedures: 26 – 30 August 2016


Additional Placement Registration: 06 – 09 September 2016


2015 Internal Evaluation Reports of Higher Education Institutions Released on Council of Quality Assurance Website (08.08.2016)

Most of the universities sent their internal evaluation reports to the Council. Along with the hard and soft copies of the reports, the web addresses that include these reports were also delivered. We are pleased to say that a big majority of the higher education institutions sent their reports before the deadline.

You can find the reports at http://yok.gov.tr/web/kalitekurulu/34