Procedures for Confirmation of Diplomas for All Foreign Equivalency Applications-IMPORTANT- (30.06.2017)

The Council of Higher Education exchanges correspondence with Turkish foreign missions located in a country where a student received his/her education in order to verify the diplomas of the students who applied/will apply to the Council of Higher Education for diploma equivalency.


The delivery period of the information obtained from the official authority of the relevant country may be extended or delayed in some cases which may lead to the extension of equivalence procedures and cause problems for the applicants.


In order to complete the procedures and to prevent any problems from occurring and, the following decisions were taken at the CoHE Executive Board Meeting dated June 21, 2017:


1) As of September 1, 2017, all candidates who will apply for foreign diploma equivalency shall submit their original verification letters for diplomas signed and approved –with verification code if possible- in a sealed envelope to CoHE after obtaining them from the Turkish foreign missions of the related country.


2) The Council of Higher Education shall continue to exchange correspondence with the public authorities for diploma verification for the applications that were received before September 1, 2017. (However, those who obtained their documents as stated in Article 1 could also submit their verification letters in a sealed letter to CoHE.)


3) Those who got transferred between two universities abroad that are recognized by COHE shall apply to the Turkish foreign missions of the related countries in order to receive their original signed and approved verification letters for diplomas –with verification code if possible- and the document which verifies that they enrolled in another higher education institution after transferring their courses and submit them in a sealed envelope to CoHE.