Eurasia Road Trip with the Theme of Silk Road (16.06.2017)

It was stated in the official letter sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that France would organize a road trip between Lyon and Beijing in order to introduce the program entitled "Beyond the Personality of an Individual" with the theme of Silk Road. It will be between August 1-November 14, 2017, and 19 countries will be visited during the road trip that will last for 106 days.


Within the scope of the project, a team of 40 young people, aged between 18 and 27, who are studying and working in different fields plan a Eurasia road trip. The theme of the trip will be "bread" and their aim is to establish cultural and commercial ties and study on food safety.


The French officials are planning to visit Erzurum, Sivas, Ankara, Adapazarı, İstanbul and Edirne respectively and leave Turkey through Kapikule Border Gate in November 7-8.


Three students from Bocuse Culinary School will also join the road trip and one or two receptions that will be organized throughout this trip will be held in Turkey. Turkish universities are expected to be informed about this trip, help them with the accommodation and the like and, if possible, include a guide/young person who speaks French to accompany the group during their visit in Turkey.