Announcement on Application for Nomination Candidacy Regarding Rector Position for Abant İzzet Baysal University and Ege University (25.05.2017)

1-According to the provisions stated in paragraph (a) of Article 13 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547, which was altered by Decree Law No. 676, a rector will be assigned to Abant İzzet Baysal University and to Ege University.


2-Applicants can apply to the Council of Higher Education between May 25 and June 9, 2017, the end of business day.


3-Applicants should meet the requirements listed below:


a) Applicant shall have served for at least 3 years as a professor.

b) Employment of the applicant as a civil servant shall not constitute an impediment according to the provisions of the State Civil Servants Law No. 657.

c) Applicant shall not have turned 67 as of the date of the completion of the applicant's assignment to the rector position.


4. Academics who want to apply for the position are not required to work as a permanent staff or under contract in a state or foundation university if they meet the requirements stated in the 3rd paragraph.


5. Applicants should submit the letter of application along with the academic background and the list of publications that are written in line with the same format as the application form listed below.


Click here to download the application form.


Important Note: Applicants can submit their documents in person, by post or by sending an e-mail to