RECOGNITION for Foreign Universities



Recognition is a formal acknowledgement by a competent authority of the value of a foreign educational qualification with a view to access to educational and /or employment activities.


As Turkey, we recognize all foreign universities which are recognized by national authorities. For recognition status of your higher education institutions, please check:


Turkey ENIC/NARIC Center


EQUIVALENCY of Foreign Diplomas for Students


The equivalency is a process of recognition foreign (associate, bachelor and master's degree) diplomas taken from the higher education institutions abroad.


In line with the Lisbon Convention, Regulation on the Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Diplomas came into force on Nov 6, 2010 in Turkey.


The people who have associate (short cycle), bachelor (first cycle) and master's degrees (second cycle) diplomas given from the Higher Education Institutions outside Turkey must apply to the Council of Higher Education if they wish to get equivalence certificates.


Recognition Unit of Council of Higher Education (CoHE) is responsible for equivalence procedures. For application, please follow the link:


Considering the equivalency of the degrees of professorship, associate professorship and doctorate, on the other hand, Inter-university Council is the responsible body and the people who have taken these degrees outside Turkey have to apply this Council in order to obtain equivalency.