Recognition/Equivalence applications can be made personally to the CoHE. The following notifications must be read carefully and the documents of those who will apply for equivalence must be submitted in full and complete to the CoHE in person or by a representative in case of submitting a letter of attorney issued by a notary public.


Otherwise, the CoHE will not be kept responsible for the elongation of the equivalence evaluation period due to delays in the supply of documents.


1. Equivalence procedures of only associate, undergraduate (bachelor's degree) or post-graduate (master's degree) diplomas are carried out by the CoHE. The authority responsible for the equivalence of doctorate diplomas is the General Secretariat of the Inter-Universities Council. Please visit the website of the relevant council for the equivalence of the doctorate degrees.


2. As of June 1, 2013, the original Diploma-Diploma Supplement and Academic Documents obtained from Bulgaria and/or the documents translated by any certified translator in Bulgaria must be stamped by and carry the "Apostille Annex" of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. The necessary approvals must be both on the original documents and translations made in Bulgaria.


3. Applicants graduated from any Iraqi HEI are required to submit colour photocopies of the official diploma and transcripts for equivalence/recognition.


4. For the diploma confirmation procedures of the applicants graduated from HEIs in Pakistan, applicants are required to send by mail (post) to the Turkish Embassy in Islamabad and CoHE the receipt of " diploma confirmation fee" paid to the graduated HEIs.


5. For the diploma confirmation procedures of the applicants graduated from HEIs in Novgorod Region, Russia, they are required to submit a petition ensuring that their personal information can be used for recognition/equivalence applications.


6. Applicants who graduates from HEIs in Iran are required to submit "Voluntary Assent" for recognition/equivalence applications.


7. Applicants graduated from the HEIs in People's Republic of China are required to apply online to the centre under the Ministry of National Education of the People's Republic of China ( responsible for the confirmation of the academic degrees, and have the documents prepared in English language sent to the CoHE. Since the verification of the academic documents is subject to a fee, the amount of payment per document is defined online by the system and this amount is required to be paid to the bank account number in the webpage.


8. For those applying to the CoHE for diploma equivalence after graduating from the department of pharmacy, an internship certificate is required for one month in a pharmacy registered in the Chamber of Pharmacists in Turkey in accordance with the relevant legislation. It will be useful for applicants who have completed the internship to submit this document when applying for equivalence application.


9. The original documents submitted to the CoHE will be returned at the end of the equivalence process in accordance with your preference in the Equivalence Application Form, and the certified copies and translation documents will not be returned. Necessary documents may be delivered to the applicant in person or to his/her representative in case of submitting a letter of attorney issued by a notary public or Foreign Representatives of the Republic of Turkey.


10. In case of application with missing document/s, no transaction will be initiated and the applicant will be notified to complete the missing documents within thirty days. If the missing documents are not completed within the given time, the equivalence application will be deemed invalid.


11. Foreign nationals who will apply for Master's or Ph.D. degrees are not required to apply for equivalence except in the fields of medicine and dentistry. They can apply for a post-graduate education by obtaining "HEI Recognition Letter" from the CoHE.


12. "HEI Recognition Letters" will be sent to all foreign and Turkish applicants by mail only in response to the petitions containing the full address and signature to be sent to the CoHE.


13. Foreign nationals who are married to a Turkish citizen and applied for the Turkish citizenship through marriage must submit a photocopy of the marriage certificate.


14. In case of necessity in accordance with the provisions of Regulations for Recognition and Equivalence of Foreign Higher Education Diplomas, additional documents may be requested in addition to the documents mentioned below.


15. It is important to have an open, current address and telephone number in the application file when the examinations are concluded or when contact with the person is required.


16. Certified documents and certified translations submitted to the CoHE at the time of application shall not be returned to the applicant and shall be kept in the file as the basis for the examination.




The applications will be made in the following address in person:

Yükseköğretim Kurulu Başkanlığı Denklik Müracaat Ofisi - Bilkent/ANKARA