Recognition/Equivalence Process Steps


1. Submission of the application documents in person to the Equivalence Office,

2. Receipt of the application documents in accordance with the requirements of the equivalence application office,

3. Registration of the application to the system,

4. Preliminary examination of the application documents,

5. Completion of the application documents in case of insufficiency and/or missing documents,

6. Making correspondence about the application and carrying out the processes if necessary, (confirmation, international correspondence, university view and examination by the related sub-committee etc.).

7. Requesting additional documents if necessary,

8. Evaluation of the application by the Equivalence Commission,

9. Taking Executive Board Decision about the application,

10. Preparation of the Certificates of Recognition/Equivalence/Interim Graduation, and submission for signature,

11. Notifying the applicant about the Executive Board Decision on the application.