April 13, 2017


Equivalence procedures of the associate degree, bechalor degree and master degree diplomas received from the HEIs abroad are carried out by the CoHE in accordance with the provisions of Regulations for Recognition and Equivalence of Foreign Higher Education Diplomas. In this context, a written Placement Exam (STS) has been conducted once a year for those with the decision of placement exam. However, an increasing number of applications are being received and conducting STS once a year could lead to victimization of those concerned.


In this context, with the decision taken in 2016, structured clinical exams which are held twice a year in the field of medicine by Ankara University, Gazi University, Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University and Hacettepe University have begun to be performed as equivalent to STS. Furthermore, USMLE-Step 3, PLAB-Part 2, AMC-Clinical examinations, MCCQE-Part2 and Arztliche Prüfungen (3 AP, Staats examen) have also been concluded to be accepted as equivalent to STS Exam. Thus, previously succeeded exams abroad by an applicant who will take STS in the field of medicine are accepted as well as six times of exam opportunity a year.



Exam opportunities increase in other health care fields


In the past year, we have been working with the views of our academicians from various universities in order to make similar arrangement in the other health care fields along with the field of medicine. As a result of our studies, it was concluded to carry out " scientific identification exams" equivalent to STS in health care fields such as "Dentistry, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Ergotherapy, Veterinary Medicine, Midwifery, Language and Speech Therapy". Scientific identification tests in these health care fields will be conducted five times in a year in the universities to be announced later.



Written placement exams will continue


In different areas, STS can be held in written and oral format, but while a limited number of applications are accepted to oral exams, applications for written exams can be made without limitations. Therefore, it has been concluded that it is appropriate to continue the written STS exam which is currently held once a year as well as the scientific identification examinations.



Exam opportunities six times a year


The new regulation has provided the applicants with the STS decision for equivalence the opportunity for six different written and oral placement exams in most health care fields within one year.


Improvements in equivalence processes


As known, as the New YÖK, we initiated the " Equivalence Application Tracking" service through the "e-government portal" in order to ensure that graduates from universities abroad can track the progress of their diploma equivalence application process. Furthermore, the " Diploma Equivalence Tracking System", which was created to enable the tracking and confirmation of the equivalence documents obtained from abroad to by the individuals and the relevant institutions, will also be available through the e-government portal soon.


As the student-friendly New YÖK, we will continue to facilitate the diploma equivalence process of our graduates from universities abroad by taking advantage of the relevant legislation and the technology.